Turnover of WESS Select last year increased by 14%, profit by 80%

WESS Select, WESS Auto Group, in 2017 has achieved the best results in the last five years. The company's turnover has increased to 4.46 million euros, which is 14% more than in 2016. WESS Select profit last year reached 163,000 euros, up from 80% in comparison with 2016. Last year, WESS Select paid and paid to the state of Latvia 1,068 million euros, which is 16% more than in 2016.

Last year, WESS Select continued to work on company development, expanding its range of services, offering full-cycle warranty and after-sales service, as well as providing BMW's choice of little used cars. This year, following the development of the WESS Select business development plan, it is planned to expand the company's operations and, in addition to the provision of BMW's authorized service offerings, an authorized Honda automobile dealer, as well as Honda Power product sales and after-sales services will be provided from August.

Natalija Gerlina, CEO of AS WESS Select: "Last year we worked purposefully to offer new solutions to our customers and to improve the efficiency of work processes. Thanks to the teamwork we have achieved the best results over the last five years. Our clients highly appreciate the quality of the services provided and special treatment. Continuing this development venture, this year is planned to expand, offering authorized dealer and after-sales service to Honda brand. In order to foster business growth, we will focus on innovative solutions working with both BMW and Honda customers, providing a wide range of services and developing customer service offerings for maximum customer satisfaction. "

It has already been reported that from August, WESS Select car showroom, K. Ulmaņa street 123 will provide new and used Honda brand car sales, as well as a wide range of Honda Power products – motors, engines, boats, gardening equipment and more. WESS Auto Group is one of the largest auto industry companies in Latvia, providing authorized dealer and service services in four car dealerships in Riga, in the wess selection salon K.Ulmana gatve 123 and WESS salon Sigulda highway 2.

Japanese car brands Toyota (WESS Motors Toyota), Lexus (Riga Airport) and Honda (WESS Select Honda), as well as authorized service of the BMW brand car (WESS Select BMW).

WESS Select BMW provides Authorized BMW brand service

WESS Select Honda will provide authorized car dealer sales and after-sales service for Honda cars and Honda Power vehicles, as well as auto parts sales, automotive finance financing solutions and insurance over

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