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"Three Deaths in Mārtiņdienā" – ghost stories for children in a book that shines in the dark / Article / LSM.LV

The publishing house of children's books "Big and small" has published a book of the horror story of Mara Rungul "Three deaths in Martinique". Snap-on ghost stories. Book 2, "illustrated by the artist Kristian Brekte, is aimed at high school children.

"Three deaths in Martinique" is a continuation of the book "Walking in the city of the dead" in 2016, but it also reads completely independent of him.

More than 30 years ago, Maris Rungulis began to collect and publish children's stories about ghosts, horrors and jokes in oral folklore. The writer literally spells through the cycle of narrating ghosts, expanding it and incorporating it into a single story.

In the book "The Three of Martinique of Death," students meet in the classroom on a special March night. Martynew enters Weasel Month and, at the scene, three of the students dressed for death, tell the students the horror stories by candlelight, trying to scream openly. When the moment of "death" of breathing occurs, it turns out that his listeners have already begun to devote themselves enthusiastically to the narrative.

"Walking in the City of the Dead" won the Janis Baltvilkis Prize for Children's Literature and the Abele Gold Book Art Prize. The illustrations and the design emphasize the commitment of both books, because the illustrator Kristians Brekte and the artist Ūna Laukmane have created the visual design. The artistic writing of Christian Breket is provocative and challenging, although terrible and disgusting, it is often hyperbolized to the point that it becomes a caricature. The combination of humor and fear in the text and illustrations corresponds to the psychological need of children to narrate, rituals and traditional characters to experiment, survive and excite their existential fears of consciousness, overcome fear with the comic.

A special printing technique, a phosphorescent discoloration that glows in the dark, has been used for the fierce red book for the front and back of the fabric.

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