Wednesday , October 17 2018

The United States seeks to bring Arabic troops to Syria

The administration of the United States, President Donald Tramp, is seeking to deploy soldiers in the Arabian armed forces in Syria, which could then replace the US contingent and stabilize the northwest of the country following the defeat of the jihadist group "Islamic State", the US official said.

Trampa new national Security Counselor John Bolton spoke with Egyptian intelligence chief Abbas Kamel to find out if Cairo is ready to engage in this effort.

The administration has called on Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates to allocate several billion dollars for the restoration of Northern Syria. The White House also wants the Arab states to send their soldiers to Syria, the official said.

Tramps earlier expressed dissatisfaction with the cost and durability of Syrian stabilization efforts and reminded him of it on a Friday evening as he announced a rocket attack on Syria.

"We have called on our partners to take on greater responsibility in their efforts to make their own region safer, "Tramps said.

In early April, Tramps spoke of the need to expedite the withdrawal of 2000 Syria-based US soldiers, which is in contradiction with warnings by several of his senior advisers that, with the premature withdrawal of US troops, areas could be returned to Syria Government or extremist rebel groups are under control

The purpose of the new government initiative is to avoid creating a security vacuum in Syria that may lead to the conversion of the recovered territories to the "Islamic State" under the control of a jihadist or Damascus

Civil war Syria has been taking place since 2011 and is split on many fronts between Kurdish forces, moderate and radical Sunni rebels, government troops and loyal paramilitary groups. According to estimates by some opposition activists, the total number of victims has already exceeded 400,000.

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