Wednesday , October 17 2018

The new law will strengthen the protection of business secrets / Day

The new draft law is designed to implement the Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of confidential information (commercial secrets) against unlawful acquisition, use and disclosure of the know-how and business activities as explained in the annotation of the draft law.

defines commercial secret, commercial secret holder and infringing goods. It also defines what constitutes a legitimate business secrets, as well as what constitutes a violation of business secrecy. The new law also lays down sanctions and remedies for the unlawful acquisition, use and disclosure of business secrets.

Currently, the regulation on what information should be considered a business secret is defined in the Commercial Law, which is mainly applicable only to merchants, while the draft law affects any natural or legal person who has legal control over a business secret or who has acquired, used, or disclosed a trade secret illegally.

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