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The cycle of artwork starts with the musical interpeting of the Instrumental Group Jams Skullis Painting / Day

The stage design is made up of the young artist Marija Ulmane, who brings the work of Skulm and his motifs with a sound-painted landscape into the art space, giving them the opportunity to directly explore the synergy between these two elements.

The theme of the Jemma Skullis The Scarecrows arose around 1982, at a time when the artist's social life (participation in political processes and becoming a public interest) made it increasingly difficult for him to fully engage in painting. Instead of creating new work, small notebooks and sketchy leaves accumulated, where the use of the cross symbol was more noticeable than ever before.

The image of the scarecrow passes through the sign of the cross – the beginning and end of the whole, allowing the image of the parallels drawn with the crucifix. "It has become the construction of many of my paintings, and it is felt even in one-dimensional compositions. My hand did it regardless of will, "says the artist.

The musicians of the group – Janis Šipkēvics, Gatis Zaķis and Reinis Siedans – used the same principle in their composition, creating experimental compositions in which they were finely strung and laid safely squares simulated with variations of different sounds. The group's collaboration with the artist began already more than a year ago with an occasional meeting, which turned into a studio album Atkal to which Jemmai created a visual presentation.

In the presentation of the work atmosphere in the presentation of the work atmosphere, the visitor position chosen by the stage designer in relation to the art work intensifies – the scenographic solution invites the visitor to occupy a horizontal position, letting him forget about the the surrounding environment and, by going to the ceiling, come across the lightness, ease and simplicity of the work of Jemma. Despite the fact that the bird scam and the underlying cross is more of a pair of scary elements, Marie Ulmane balances it with a view toward heaven. "Also my way – every day is actually a crucifixion of self. You're dead and resurrected, "said Jemma.

The viewer is called to lie down and, as if immersed in heavenly peace, listen to the jerk of the cloth pulled by the birdie and watch it leisurely. With the help of stage design, darkness turns into light, but fear is peaceful.

In the project Sound requires art Participates in the group Instruments with the musical landscape of Jemm Skulm's work The scarecrow Marie Ulmanes stage design, group Mumiy Troll with musical interpretation of Bruno Vasilievsky's work Still life – sun star Krisjana Elvika scenography, Imants Kalnins composition with the work of Māra Ārgaļa Untitled GolfClayderman stage art by Intars Busulis with musical interpretation of the work of Dainis Rinkis Our house Madaras Kvape scenography, Vestards Šimkus with composition on the work of Mara Ārgals Music Jānis Šneiders scenography and group Prāta Vētra ] with his interpretation of the work of Rudolph Pinhink Precious Stones Jānis Kr a cord vision. The artistic director of the exhibition cycle is Kristian Brekte.

Entrance to the event for free.

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