Suzuki Vitara upgraded, now only turbo motors (+ PHOTO)

The Japanese automobile company Suzuki has presented a modernized Vitra Crossover, which will be available only in turbo engines in the future.

The manufacturer also made minor visual changes, improved materials and expanded the range of accessories.

The updated model is distinguished by a radiator grid for which the horizontal Instead of spacers, there are now vertical grills, new bumpers, dipped headlights and rear light optics. The salon has a new instrument panel with a speedometer and a tachometer, as well as a colorful on-board computer display.

In the future, Vitara will be available with turbo engines. The base unit will be occupied by a three-cylinder engine with 117-horsepower and 170 Nm torque. The manufacturer also offers 1.4 Boosterjet with 140 horsepower and 220 Nm torque. Both motors can be combined with a six-speed manual or automatic gearbox and are available on both the Vitara front-wheel drive and the four-wheel drive version.

The Crosssover factory comes with auxiliary system that warns you to leave your lane, recognizes road signs, blind area supervisor, warning systems about a possible collision with the front pbadenger and warns about the obstacles when the car leaves the parking space in reverse.

Suzuki Vitara is available in 191 countries of the world, so far 3.7 million copies of this model have been marketed.

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