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Steinbour gives the "Arka" team of Gdynia a convincing victory in the Polish Championship game

The second goalkeeper of the national soccer team of Latvia, Pavel Steinbourt, confused Arka of Gdynia in the match of the Championship of Poland on Monday.

Arka's team defeated Monday 4-1 (2: 1) against Wisla de Kisloves at the table.

The Latvian goalkeeper in the team spent the entire game.

The only goal of the Šteinbors striker, 20 minutes after the football player Zdeněk Ondrášek, scored a goal kick on the corner.

Before that, Steinbourt was summoned to the Latvian team, where he did not participate in the two matches of the UEFA League games, leaving behind the back of Andrá Vannikov.

On Saturday, the Włosław Shlask team of Igor Tarasov played in the Polish game 1: 1 (1: 0) with the Krakow team in Krakow.

Tarasov, who was also in the previous presidential elections, also gave a decent pass for Denis Rakela's goal against Kazakhstan (1: 1), 90 minutes in the game.

In the highest league of the Polish championship or extra-curved leader with 34 points in 16 matches, "Lechia" of Gdansk. Arka ranks ninth with 23 points, while Slask with 17 points is in 11th place with 16 teams in the competition.

When each team has played 30 matches in the tournament, the championship will be divided into two parts: the championship will be divided into eight main clubs, while the other eight will fight to maintain a place in the elite division.

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