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Singers Annija Putnina will play New York rhythms in the new program / Article / LSM.LV

The tunes of Gershwin, Rogers, Bernstein and Lauda-Weber will sound on the new concert program "Spring in Broadway". It was created together with the instrumental group and Roland Merzheyevsky's choreography.

The concert program will sound on April 20 at the Concert Hall "Valmiera", but on April 21 in the Music House "Daile" in Riga on April 21.

"This will be a concert with lots of light and fly butterflies – both in the stomach and in the air," promise Annie Putniņa.

Pianist Raimonds Petrauskis, percussionist Martins Milevskis and bassist Pēteris Liepiņš and choreographer Rolands Merzjejevskis who have mastered theater dance in New York will take part in the concert with Putnins

"It is a great success that I have managed to meet pianists in my life. Raimondu Petrauski – in my opinion, we think and look in a similar direction: we really like to work together, "Annija Putniņa says and reveals that they met quite accidentally:" At the beginning of last year, both of us were invited to perform at one event and started with three musical melodies. We liked the audience, we liked ourselves, and so we continued to work all year round. There was also a program with which we celebrated the centenary of Bernstein, and the whole result was my first solo concert in December last year at Christmas on Broadway. Then Raimonds had gathered both basist Pēteris Liepiņš and percussionist Mārtiņš Miļevski, but in the spring concert Ernests Mediņš was in his place. The company is funny and good! "

The program's concert number arranger is Raimonds Petrauskis:" He feels this music, besides, he is a gardener challenge for himself – Raimonds accompanies even nights, thinking something new.

He is like a magician who is able to bring the real mood to the concert.

It's ridiculous that in the Christmas concert, Raimonds answered about the snow, but in the springtime concert he should be responsible for the butterflies, "says Annija Putniņa.

In the program

"So far, my life has been more closely connected with London."

I was finally in New York and in this big city, where I went to New York, I watched three wonderful musicals and bought a thick book with music from the 30s and 40s, where you can also find beautiful

Then we play with Raimondu and find the real pearls. "

The singer believes that New York inspired to look for other colors:" The idea of ​​the concert changed – we would not just be lyrical, and not just love. Yes, there is a longing for a lot of songs – after winter there is eternal hope, everybody becomes smiling, and there's a lot of waiting for itself in Ghuswin. But at the same time we realized that we can not wait for both parts of the concert in a row. Then Raimond found real New York noises, colors, rhythms. Both the Valmiera and the inhabitants of Riga will be allowed to go out on the trapped streets of New York. "

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The dance performed by Roland Merzjeevsky, with Anna Anna Putnina, immediately after returning from her studies in London, where she, along with vocal studies, Broadway dance genre. "I went to Roland to maintain the shape."

At first I thought – what, though, he could teach me a new one … But in the very first lesson, Roland drowned me, because it turned out that he studied this genre in America!

Both are These dance fans, and now both of us are colleagues at the Riga Dome Choir School, "says Putnina, who has given the students of Domskola for three years the specifics of musicals. She is convinced that anyone can really learn it:" One must be flexibald and have to work. I see it by my students, who play music, sing, dance, learn actorism. I began to study this genre relatively late, after classical vocal and conducting studies. Next year, Domskola will have our first graduation. I see that young people like it, they are motivated and are already very versatile not only in the musical genre, but also in classical music, dance. Further you can specialize in any direction! "

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