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Saeima debates on request for demise to Justice Minister Rasnach / Article / LSM.LV

In the Saeima, a wide debate took place on the request of the opposition to express distrust to the Minister of Justice, Dzintars Rasnachs (National Association). Deputies Rasnačam accuse insolvency disorderly. MEPs do not complain about the demise request, and will continue to see this issue on June 20.

The request of Rasnach's demise was initiated by the Saeima's opposition, considering that the minister is unable to sort out the area of ​​insolvency. Deputies Rasnach blamed the problems of the insolvency system, and the main reason why it is precisely now for the minister to defend himself in the Saeima is the murder of insolvency administrator Martins Bunkus on May 30.

Member Romāns Mežeckis Maris Klūga

The member of the party "From Heart to Latvia" Romāns Mežecki, who started collecting signatures of MPs for distrust to Rasnach, argued that insolvency proceedings in Latvia were robbed of corporate property rather than the idea of ​​how to restore business activity.

" Not insolvency administrators themselves are the real culprits. We do not need to justify them, but we will not be naïve – we will never be able to change the nature of greedy people in a short time. The real perpetrators are the people responsible for the criminal system, politicians who have not been able or want to close the cripple of the circuses of the insolvency cats, "said Mezekis.

The minister sees the scene clean

The Minister himself on Thursday morning, June 14, in an interview with Latvian Radio expressed confidence that the demise request was linked to the interests of the suspended insolvency administrator, Māris Sprūds. Rasnačs has concluded that there is a link between the petitioners Inguna Sudraba ("From Heart to Latvia") and Romāns Mežecki and businessman Jūlijs Krūmiņš, who is linking to Hurdu

Rasnacs pointed out that as a result of reforms, 118 insolvency administrators had to leave their posts . In addition, checks are being continued.

Saeima Rasnach also counted in his speech various insolvency proceedings of the Ministry of Justice. The Minister noted that there are a lot of applications to the police and the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau for various violations in insolvency proceedings, which allows us to conclude that this environment is being rehabilitated.

Minister of Justice Dzintars Rasnačs Maris Klūga

Rasnach also emphasized that the Saeima had amended the insolvency law five times, which gave him the tools to rectify this sector, but they were opposed precisely those who are now demanding a minister's resignation. "All five past five posters, in fulfilling a specific task, have submitted proposals to avoid this tool.

Coalition criticized

A day before the Saeima vote, the news agency LETA reported that several members of the "Unity" faction were slipping to vote for a request for a minister's demise, However, before the Saeima meeting, the faction agreed not to support his dismissal.

Anrijs Matīss even expressing distrust to the Minister of Justice Māris Klūga

However, Anrijs Matīss, a member of the Unity Group, has decided to vote on Rasnach's demise, for which he was forced to withdraw from the faction. "One of the four core values ​​of" Unity "is the rule of law. Well, we see that our country is slightly lying with the rule of law. The arrests of recent administrators and all the other cases point to the fact that the situation is not improving. And at yesterday's fractional meeting, it was decided that some members could support and vote in a party program. This was banned this morning. "I do not believe that the last thing left for" Unity "- the rule of law – is so easy to pass," said Matīss

. At a Saeima sitting, several coalition members said they did not support the demand for demise, but they did not immediately criticize the minister's work in the area of ​​insolvency.

Today's vote will vote in favor of the ZZS faction, supporting the stability of the government. But you are directly responsible for the bardac rule in the justice system, because as a politician and the political power you represent for years, you are responsible for the justice field, "said Valdis Kalnozols, a member of the Greens and Farmers' Union.

Also, Karlis Serzants (Union of Greens and Farmers ) stated that demise would not be supported in the name of government stability.

Similarly, Hosam Abu Meri ("Unity") admitted that neither he nor the "Unity" faction were dissatisfied with Rasnach's work. The party had had a long discussion of what to do, however, it decided not to lose sight of the government's stability and support the minister, because if "Unity" really vote for Rasnach's resignation, then probably the whole government would fall.

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