Rimšēvičs has the right to nominate his alternate as a member of the Supervisory Board of the ECB

"The security tool has not been changed but clarified by stating that he has the right to nominate his alternate as a member of the Governing Council of the ECB," said Eiduka.

The Court has examined the ECB's application for interim measures, in which it requested the court to lodge a temporary litigation suspending the prohibition on Rimšejevičs to fulfill the duties of the President of the Bank of Latvia so that he would be allowed to perform non-criminal duties as a member of the Supervisory Board or at least instruct Latvia to authorize Rimsevics to appoint an alternate to act as a member of the Governing Council.

Vice-President of the EU Court 20. In July, it ordered that Latvia take the necessary measures to put an end to the security measures applied by the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) until the final decision was delivered following the application initiated by Rimsevich in so far as it prevented him from nominating an alternate , acting chairman of the Council of the International Bank for International Relations and Communications, Kristaps Otersons said that according to the Statute of the ECB, the Latvian Central Bank The Bank of Latvia has been appointed as a substitute for participating in the Governing Council of the ECB.

"The Council of the Bank of Latvia, after receiving the decision of the Prosecutor General's Office to clarify the security measure, has called on the Governor of the Bank of Latvia to issue a long term mandate to represent the ECB. It is expected that this is a professional who can be involved in the work and decision-making of the Governing Council of the ECB as quickly and efficiently as possible. For example, an appropriate official of the Bank of Latvia, "Oterson said.

It has already been reported that Rimšēvičs asks the EU Court to admit that he has been unlawfully subject to the restrictions imposed by the KNAB on the application of security measures to act as a member of the Supervisory Board of the ECB.

KNAB The prosecutor's office sent a criminal case against Rimsevics and entrepreneur Martinson to prosecute the prosecutor's office on 18 June. Shortly thereafter, the prosecutor's office appealed to Rimsevicz for taking bribes and Martinson for bribing bribes, punishing him for a term of imprisonment of between three and 11 years. Rimšēvičs stated at a press conference earlier that he was not guilty and therefore himself would not depart from the position of the President of the Bank of Latvia. Rimšēvičs has been accused of misconduct on behalf of individual bankers, his duties are currently performed by Rimšēviča vi Elder Zoja Razmusa

The prosecutor-general, Viorika Jirgena, previously said that the KNAB started the case after the submission of two shareholders of AS "Trasta komercbanka" (TKB). Both shareholders were indicted as bribes in the case, but they were released from criminal liability because they voluntarily turned to law enforcement agencies with information about the event.

Yergen said that one of the shareholders had appealed to Rimsevich already in 2010 with a request to help with issues related to the Financial and Capital Markets Commission (FCMC), in exchange offering Rimšēvičs paid recreational trip to Kamchatka. In 2012, this shareholder, together with another, will again turn to Rimsevich, asking for help on other issues related to FCMC. Rimsevich asked for 500,000 euros, which would be paid in two installments – one before and one after the decision of the FCMC

The prosecutor emphasized that after the agreement of 2010, Rimsevics repeatedly advised TKB's shareholder to try to influence the decisions of the FCMC. Such consultations were also provided after the agreement of 2012, although, despite the fact that Rimsevic managed to influence the FCMC to take decisions that were supposedly favorable to the TKB, at the same time they also adopted decisions that were unfavorable. As one of the help provided by Rimsevich, the prosecutor mentioned badistance in answering questions on questions raised by the FCMC concerning bank liquidity and non-resident issues.

Jirgen also explained that Rimsevich failed to fully accomplish his request, therefore only the first part 250 000 euros. According to the public prosecutor, Martinson played a role as an intermediary in this criminal offense – he received 10% of the total amount of the bribe. The prosecutor added that bribery was done in cash.

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