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Riga's Festival of Historical Music and Dance will begin on the weekend

 Riga Festival of Historical Music and Dance will begin on the weekend

Photo: BM studio ZEMGALE, Collegium Musicum Riga,

Ancient music of the ensemble from France "The Beggar's Ensemble" concert on the Riga Stock Exchange On August 4, Riga's historical music and dance festival will begin, Delfi was informed by the head of the Riga Old Music Center, conductor Maris Kupčs.

The festival will take place in various concert venues in Riga from August 4 until September 2. The program will have the opportunity to hear excellent interpretations of ancient music and groups – "4 Times Baroque" from Germany, "The Beggar's Ensemble" from France, "Neymann Ensemble" from Latvia, baroque choir "Collegium Choro Musici Riga", baroque orchestra "Collegium" Musicum Riga "under the direction of Franck-Emmanuel Comte and Mara Kupcha, as well as soloists Heather Newhouse, Rinald Kandalincew, Ilze Graveli, Montu Martinson, Mai Kļaviņš and other professionals in ancient music.

Festival artists in each concert only play original pieces of original instruments or their copies, especially when approaching the time when music was made. As the organizers of the festival emphasize, "the magic atmosphere is sparked" and everyone has the opportunity to experience the breath of Baroque and early Classicism. " Concerts will take place at the Riga City Council. Church of Mary Magdalene, Riga St. Peter's Church, the Art Museum "Riga Stock Exchange" and the Small Guild.

The festival will be opened on the 4th of August at 16:00 at the Riga Stock Exchange, where the concert "United Tastes" will be held. The program will sound: Dietrich Bukstehode, Jean-Ferry Reuble, Jean-Philippe Ramo, Richard Jones, John Christopher Peppus, Augustine Kercinger. Ancient Music Ensemble "The Beggar's Ensemble" (France) will play music and Daria Zemele, born in Latvia

The festival will continue on August 12 at 17.00, when the Folies et Furies will take place at the Little Guild. The program will feature: George Friedrich Handel and Jean-Philippe Ramo. Soprano Hazer New Haus, Baroque Orchestra "Collegium Musicum Riga" and conductor Frank Frank Emanuels Comte will play.

15. August 16 at 16.00 at the Art Museum "Riga Stock Exchange" a concert "Tauromachia" will take place. The program includes Antonio Vivaldi, Antonio Solère, George Philippe Télémani, Domenico Skarlati and other compositions. The old music ensemble Neymann Ensemble (Latvia, Austria) will perform.

The concert "Caught in Italian Virtuosity" will continue on August 19 at 17.00. Riga St. St. Peter's Church

Program: George Friedrich Handel, Pierre Provo, Antonio Vivaldi, Arkandzhel Korelli, Jozeppe Sammartini, Tarkvinio Merula. Ancient Music Ensemble "4 Times Baroque" (Germany) will act.

The festival will be continued on August 23 at 20.00. Riga St. There will be a New Talent Concert at the Church of Mary Magdalene. In the program: Dzilolamo Frescobaldi, Georg Filips Telemanis, Johann Adolf Hasse, Dietrich Bukstehude, Georg Friedrich Hendel, and others. Students of the Department of Ancient Music of Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music will perform

Also Riga Sv. The Church of Mary Magdalene is expected to host a concert "Sonata Art" on August 26 at 20.00. Program: Pyetro Lokatelli, Joseph Bodin de Bomarty, Johan Sebastian Bach, and others. Music: Maija Klavina (crosswalk), Gertrude Jeromeno (harpsichord)

31. August at 20.00. The Little Guild will be the heroic pastor of Isméne (1747) by Francois Rebell and Francois Frankares
. Monta Martinsone and Ilze Gravele (sopranos), Rinald Kandalincev (baritone), Baroque Orchestra Collegium Musicum Riga, Baroque Choir Collegium Choro Musici Riga, Ancient Dance Group under the direction of choreographer Gunas Ezermales, conductor Māris Kupčs

The festival will end On September 2, at 16:00, the Art Museum "Riga Stock Exchange" will play the old music ensemble Hortus musicus from Estonia and the harpsichordist Vilimas Norkūnas from Lithuania. Program: Johan Sebastian Bach

Entrance to the concerts in the Museum of Art "Riga Stock Exchange" The tickets are available for pre-sale at the museum ticket office. With the entrance ticket before the concert, you can see the museum's permanent exhibitions.On the number of places is limited.Other concerts are free of charge

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