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Rēzija Kalniņa and Ainars Rubikis will live separately

Shortly after the fifth wedding anniversary, actress Rēzija Kalniņa and conductor Ainārs Rubikis will live each in their own world.

Rubikis will move to Berlin for life, however, the spouse will stay in Latvia.

Evija Kalnberzas, the author of the journal "Private Life" Rheisie is also expecting a "surprise", but stresses that the date is not the main thing: '' Rheezie's husband is moving to Germany '' Rubikis reveals that the fifth anniversary of marriage will be celebrated 'by simply sitting together'.

I am grateful for every day we live together. ''

It is interesting that in August Rubik will move to Berlin, where the work commenced earlier as a conductor of the Comic Opera continues but his wife will stay in Latvia.

'' My season then It was already planned, and this is also the main reason why Reesi can not go to Germany – her season is already planned in Latvia, "explains Rubik. [19659004] Kalnina reveals that the husband of the German towns of Trier and Mainz will be led by Leonard Bernstein's Mesu.

There is currently no child in the Rubikė and Kalnina family, however, two dogs and a cat live at home

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