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Rein Suhanov One show in 10 tracks – Theater

"At the moment when the festival was born and has not yet broke into practical problems and events, it is the most comforting. Gradually, it stays thin as a teenager, especially in the last weeks before the festival enters into all kinds of niches and stings, something does not want to happen as it should be. But when it all starts, it becomes your colleague and best friend, "says scenographer, director and director of the Valmiera Summer Theater Festival Reinis Suhanovs.

Friday, August 3, 16th, the third Valmiera Summer Theater Festival will be opened – In cooperation with the Staro 100 festival, the Latvian Honorary Circle will be lit by a bonfire and an open official city of the festival, where all events will be free.

In places other than the theater

"It is a despair and a happiness that constantly follows each other and which washing it like a bump but it's clear that the best time is when the original program and the festival program come together. This is usually a year before the festival. Yes, already working on the next year's festival and even the next one, "says Reinis Suhanov, director of the Valmiera Summer Theater Festival. He says: those who already know what to expect from this festival will also be expected this year – and there will be three wonderful days in Valmiera with very interesting theater performances in places other than the theater. It gives an extraordinary spirit of adventure and creates the atmosphere of this festival, encouraging artists to play a very difficult but at the same time free step-thinking outside the theater grass. "It's hard because there are no traditional stage-based technology and theater staff who are always ready to help. But the cool thing is that you can do such things and live in spaces that would not be possible in the theater, "says Rein Suhanov. As an example, he mentions two performances that took place in new places this year from the children's festival of children this year. One is the performance by director Paul Pleavniece Where is Viking Sapropel missing? Last year was shown in a used furniture store – this year it will be in an empty swimming pool that has survived since the Soviet era. Both actors have a great deal to work there, and for the audience it will surely be a new adventure. And the other is Tractopera's musical performance, which will take place in this year's other place – in the meadows near the new Valmiera multi-apartment buildings near the animal shelter, in addition to the addition of actors or the participation of SIA Ciedra's huge tractor.

From Mexico, Korea, Spain [19659006] To the question which of the stages of the festival seems to him to be the most unusual, most interesting, as the stage designer, Reinis Suhanovs declines that he has the whole festival as a single performance in ten acts.

In promoting and accepting the venues of performances, he thought of a unified concept of the festival , so he sees it as a single scene as a single production.

As for new scenes, this year is being built at the Hanseatic Square. The FestivaL'and summer school of international architecture and urban planning is already taking place in Valmiera on July 24, during which members from Mexico, Korea, Spain, Hungary, Latvia and other countries, under the guidance of an international team of mentors, develop ideas, plan and form the Valmiera Summer Theater Festival Center or city. It will be a gathering place for spectators and participants, there will be a dining and lounge area, an opening concert, open-air cinema and a concert evening, as well as various creative and sporting activities. For visitors, the events in the Hanseatica will be available from the 2nd of August on the 22nd of the open-air cinema. The film evenings will be held in co-operation with the Riga International Film Festival (Riga IFF), which will provide one short film and full-length film every night. The audience will be able to discover cinema from countries that, like Latvia, celebrate the centenary this year – Lithuania, Estonia and Poland, as well as Finland, which celebrated the centenary annually last year.

Creative Explosion

"The performances are being built and compressed into these three days, and they will experience their premieres directly at the festival. Perhaps, after that, he will live further, but a creative explosion will take place within these three days. Therefore, the atmosphere of the festival will be very special, "says Reinis Suhanov, emphasizing that the mix of actors that meet in shows is very interesting. For example, in the performance of director Kārlis Krūmiņš, Muškė, who will play at the Ancient Livestock Walk in Valmiermuiža (with at least 500 spectator seats) on August 3, 4 and 5, will meet actors from various Latvian theaters. In the daily repertory of the theater, such a combination would not be possible.

Similarly, in the contemporary "Unknown Unknown" directed by Viesturs Maikshan, whose world premiere is expected on August 3rd at 19 Purva Street 12a, in the Corps C, in the hangar (it will also be seen on August 4th at 18:00 and 22 and

on August 5, 19:00), which, in collaboration with the British composer Oliver Christoph Lee and the German playwright Cornelius Paede, meet with outstanding Latvian opera soloists and theatrical and musical professionals. This work is simultaneously a joint project of several festivals, the Valmiera Summer Theater Festival, in co-operation with the festival Nomo Novus organized by the New Theater Institute of Latvia and the alternative chamber music festival in Sansui

In turn, in the Student's Barn (in the Valmiera Museum of Herbs Garden), where two Latvian Academy of Culture ) teacher Elmara Sņkova and Mara Ķimeles – students' performances (respectively, Documentary Stories –

August 3, 18th and August 4th, at 20, and the Latvian folk fairy tale – 4th and 5th August at 11pm) will meet both 1st grade directors, 3rd actors and graduate students of the Academy Aviation Academy who are already working on a professional theater stage.

The only show included in the festival from the VDT repertoire is the story of director Martin Eyge about life in the forest Forest daughter. It will certainly not be played in the theater, but in an authentic environment – in the forest near the river, on the steep coast of Gauja in the Saturation Park (3 and 4 August at 22:00). "I think that this will be a special event for both actors and viewers will be able to experience the real environment of the show – to be at night between trees, with odors, with a scent of wood. In the case of rain, it's the case, "says Reinis Suhanov.

The whole family was employed.

Initially, the idea was to create a festival every two years, but for various reasons – both practical and emotional – it was decided to hold it every year, every other year especially Focusing on the theater art festivals for families and children

Rein Suhanov has two children – her daughter Hannah Mary has seven years to go to school in September, but Harald's son is three years old. My daughter has traveled traditionally and works in the festival. And also his wife, Dina, the architect and director of the RISEBA Bachelor's program in Architecture, is involved in the festival – in cooperation with the RISEBA Faculty of Architecture and Design, summer school workshops and workshops will be run by local and foreign architects, planners, landscape architects and scenography professionals. "The fact that the whole family is engaged in the festival creates a joy and a special emotional uplift," says Rein Suhanov, pleased that both have found the way over their professional interests.

It is claimed whether the three-year-old will have something to see on the festival, Harald Dad denies that the son is an absolute fan of Traktoperas.

Do you see and enjoy the summer when working at a summer festival? "There was no free time this summer, but knowing that the summer will be difficult, we took care of our time in the sun for a while – in the very early spring we spent two weeks in Morocco. A bit more relaxed was the very beginning of summer, when the apple trees bloomed, as well as in the summer solstice, we found the opportunity to be out of work. But since the festival is built on the idea that artists get creative, I try to get energy from what the outdoor space, the sun and the summer full moon give. "

Works are planned peacefully

Interestingly what the festival director will do on August 6 – the day it's over? "I will have one free day, but the next day, the work of the National Theater will begin – at the show Antigone. Gold Hill, following the rains of the play Gold Horse, "says Reinis Suhanov, director of this production, stage designer and costume designer. Premiere at LMT New Hall – September 14th. "In fact, the work will resume, because production has already begun – not only the idea and model, but also scenography and a lot of costumes are ready. The conceptual part of the film has also been developed. I worked for a long time on each project, so even those days before the Valmiera Summer Theater Festival I am relatively calm because the active work is over. The mechanism has been launched, and it already flies independently of me. "

At one point after graduation, he worked in a crazy rhythm, but for the various reasons and circumstances he took a creative pause in the theater direction for the various reasons. "I slowly go to the fact that the work is planned calmly," says Rein Suhanov, adding that this weekend, one day a week, he will be away from the theater – at the first year students at the Latvian Academy of Arts, where he agreed to be a guest lecturer.



• Scenographer, director, Valmiera Summer Theater Festival Director

• Set designer of the Valmiera Drama Theater (VDT) (since 2011)

• Born: May 29, 1985 [19659008] • Education: studied at Kandava Secondary School, graduated from Riga First Gymnasium (2002), Academy of Art Academy (2008), Latvian Academy of Culture (CAC), mastered the dramatic theater program (2013)

• Acquired serious international recognition, still a student of stage designer Andrew Freiberga

– 11. The Prague Quartet of Scenography and Theater Architecture (2007) receiving the prize as the most promising young Theatrical scenic talent in the world

• Created a stage design at leading theaters in the Moscow theater, Moscow Dailes Theater, Klagenfurt, Zagreb, Vilnius and Prague opera houses; He was an artist for great song and dance festivals; arranged a room for the Jean Lipke Museum in Kipsala; participated in more than 10 exhibitions; staged performances at VDT; Has been a guest officer for the CIA for two seasons

• Created last season's stage design for the Persian lessons played at the Zenith Lipke Memorial and performance. Also Whales are scared at the National Theater.

. • Awards: Nightmare Awards 2009/2010. Yearly Valmierain (2016)

• Married – wife Dina Suhanova is an architect and director of the RISEBA bachelor's study program in Architecture, international project manager, lecturer. Two children: Hanna Mary (7) and Harald (3)

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