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Regular sex, salmon menu and stress-free life – suggestions for improving male fertility

Doctors have noticed that men tend to behave indifferently towards their health without paying due attention to symptoms and doctor's suggestions. Reproductive health is no exception, therefore, the authors of the infertility treatment campaign – the "Butterfly Effect" Society, in collaboration with the clinic's Ectrol urologist Andri Ābeli, give advice to men who want to be with their child.

1. Recommendation – Trending

"Infertility is a diagnosis that is determined if a couple of one year old can not get pregnant with regular sex life, which is two or three times a week," Abel says. It is not accepted to separate male and female infertility separately, so infertility is referred to as a pair diagnosis – 15 percent of couples face infertility, and exactly half of the cases of infertility are hidden in the male. The main cause of male infertility is reduced sperm quality: lack of sperm in sperm, low sperm concentration, impaired sperm motility or inappropriate structure, which in turn is caused by many other factors – current and already overcrowded diseases, unhealthy lifestyles and, of course, genetic factors [19659004] "Trends are really worrying: The data on male semen quality was compiled from 185 studies in which 42 935 men participated in the period from 1973 to 2011. The conclusions are unbelievable – the quality of semen is falling with each passing year, therefore, every man should be very seriously thought about. for your masculine health, "says Abel.

2. Recommendation – Using the latest technology

"If the diagnosis is determined and infertility treatment is necessary, we are happy to announce that we have world-class technologies available in Latvia – in January this year, the clinic EGV first performed the Micro-TESE procedure, where a supermodern microscope was used, "says the urologist. The procedure is for men who have no sperm in semen, that is, he has no way to fertilize the egg. Therefore, spermatozoids need to be removed from the testicle with a microscope and biopsy, which is then used in medical insemination. The name of this type of procedure is TESA or Testicular Sperm Aspiration, and is effective in 30-50% of cases. The TESE or Testicular Sperm Extraction is slightly more advanced, but unfortunately it can be traumatic and cause a large tummy scarring with a decrease in testosterone levels, resulting in even deeper deterioration in sperm production. In contrast, the modern Micro-TESE procedure has a significantly lower risk of complications, as it is done using a large magnification microscope, which makes it easy to see all the tissues and do not move them.

 Regular sex, salmon diet and stress-free life - suggestions for improving male fertility
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"There is no need to be afraid to use the latest technological advances, and a professional reproductive agent will always find a solution that is appropriate for each case," the physician encourages. You should also not forget that, like a woman goes to a gynecologist, male doctors are available to urologists and andrologists.

3. recommendation prevention is not empty sound

Although sometimes the patient does not seem to have any meaning in prevention, this is not true. Many patients joke after saying: my neighbor, a pygmy and a drinker, made his wife five children, is it really worth living healthy? "It must be realized that we are different: some fertility is something that can not be destroyed, while others – something that needs to be carefully guarded," says the doctor and offers simple tips that will help keep up with your baby. Of course, it's not easy to start a healthy life, because short-term benefits are difficult to see, so focus on long-term benefits – good health until the end of life.

Andra Abele's advice

  • Refusing to quit smoking. Cigarettes contain substances that adversely affect spermatozoa;
  • Reduce alcohol consumption or not use it at all. Alcohol reduces the body's ability to produce testosterone for male hormone, which plays an important role in sperm formation;
  • Avoid hot bath and close lingerie without a laptop in the genital area. For optimal functioning of the testicles, body temperature should be lower than plus 37 degrees Celsius. Do not expose male parts to elevated ambient temperatures – it's not for nothing that nature has foreseen that reproductive organs are outdoors, not inside the abdominal cavity;
  • Regular examination of whether You are not infected with sexually transmitted diseases. Infection from a sexual partner, for example, with chlamydia, can lead to infertility;
  • Learn to relax. Stress refers to the reproductive system and fertility, affecting sperm quality and sperm count
  • Reduce coffee consumption. Caffeine stimulates the adrenal glands and produces the same effect as stress;
  • Adopts a sufficient amount of fluid. Sperm need to have enough fluid in the body, since 80 percent of the semen is made up of water;
  • Regularly engage in sex. The quality of semen decreases if it is present in the body for too long. Also over-intense sex is harmful to sperm. It takes 48 hours to restore it;
     Regular sex, salmon menu and stress-free life - suggestions for male fertility
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  • Uses fatty fish in the diet. Treble fish contain fatty acids necessary for the formation of a quality semen. Recommended is mackerel, sardines, salmon;
  • Eats vegetables and fruits. They contain vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that increase the amount of spermatozoa;
  • Uses foods rich in zinc and folic acid. Zinc can be found in meat, fish and eggs, but folic acid – in leafy vegetables, legumes and whole grain breads. If the body lacks this substance, the number of spermatozoa can be reduced by 90 percent.

The infertility treatment campaign lasts six years. Over five years, more than 120,000 euros have been collected for infertility treatment.

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