Prince Philip’s funeral will take place on April 17 / day

Before the funeral ceremony, Prince Philip will be commemorated with a moment of silence across Britain.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the funeral will be held in a tight circle, but the ceremony will be followed live on television. The royal family has also asked the British not to gather at Windsor Castle, but to remember the passerby at home.

The statement said that Prince Harry would be coming from the United States to his grandfather’s funeral, but doctors had advised his wife Megan Mark, who was waiting for the family to grow, not to go too far.

At noon on Saturday, Prince Philip was commemorated with cannon rafts in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast, Gibraltar, Australia, New Zealand, as well as at Royal Navy bases and on ships.

People brought flowers to Buckingham and Windsor castles on Saturday, despite calls for them to refrain from meeting.

On Saturday night, Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, expressed deep gratitude to people around the world for the respect of his father and for the support and sympathy shown to the royal family.

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