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Optional opportunity to be with young people. Aina Matīsa celebrates 80th anniversary / Article / LSM.LV

I have a privileged opportunity, people of all ages who are rarely with young people will rarely come to life – this is the life and time that has passed with actors, singers, as well as people of the Radio of Latvia, acknowledged by the director and speaker teacher Aina Matīsa. Today, June 14, Aina Matīsa celebrates 80th birthday.

It is a pleasure for Latvian Radio to call her also her teacher because she taught her to speak to the whole generation of radio journalists – caring, lovingly, firmly.

"Pedagogy is not a profession that brings great fame; recognition can be obtained slowly. It's time to go from generation to generation and you do not feel your age. (..) In this same sense, it's wonderful to come along with young people this time, "continues Aina Matīsa's Latvian Radio program" Culture Rondo. "

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Aina Matīsa students have their own stories about how they have met the Teacher and what from her.

"I do not remember what was the first meeting with Ainu, but I can tell you how important

was, and I think it was provocative to have co-operated with Aina. No meeting at the lesson and work at the show has been such that we realize that we have all done and reached the highest point and set aside, "remembers Uldis Silins.

He finds that he was very fond of Shakespeare's soneti by studying at the Academy of Culture, but the lesson in which he wanted to talk about sonets allowed to rethink.

"That was the only time my ego was disruptive, we stopped at each word, the sentence. It seemed like I was going to talk about Shakespeare's sonnet, I do not speak, "says Uldis Silins.

Aina Matīsa estimates that maybe she was too harsh at the same time, but she also acknowledges that Shakespeare's soneti is a solid nut, this is not an ordinary poem.

"We could review this issue," says Aina Matīsa. "If you want, such goals can be realized."

Everyone can learn some of the speech art, knowing some knifs, sinking sounds, glancing on the floor, a person can stabilize his voice. But not only the voice is important.

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"I attach a lot of emphasis to what is happening to a person psychologically, how he feels. Do everything to free him, to calm down, not to be artificially heartfelt. I do not like replete people. I like the seriousness, the sense of humor, the sense of dreams and the deliberate talk that is when we talk and think at the same time, "says Aina Matīsa.

Lelde Dreimane reveals that her first encounter with Ainu Matīss was in an independent theater" Scout " during the entrance exam

"I speak prose, at that time I spoke" to my neck ", very high, and the sound was not far from nowhere. I remember that you went to Anne Eižvertiņa on the back of the stage, wandering in order to send me this voice there. I did not get any, "says Lelde Dreimane. "During the year I was looking for my voice, this time it is, then it disappears."

Zane Dombrovskis got acquainted with Aina Matīss as a speech pedagogue directly to Latvian Radio

"By 2003, Radio got into and we had compulsory classes. We had to learn Latvian and go to the speech lessons. At that time I was studying music and singing, I did not know what a Teacher is and how can I speak. I was very embarrassed about this rule. There was the first lesson, it turned out to be interesting and how to not listen to the letter "a", says Zane Dombrovskis

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Another story about Zane Dombrovskis that helped Teacher prepare for the first major performance at the Musical Bank "

" We started to work on this song, the Teacher tells me re, as you have written such words and such. It remains so interesting for me, I never could imagine how closely all these things are connected, "says Zane Dombrovskis

" It is a great fortune to have my own Teacher. Although it seems that it is time for our own life to begin to take time to make our decisions on the stage, it is such a happiness that there is a Teacher who can go and be who can always help and be responsive. "

An important period of time A scene in Matiss's life is a work at the Riga Film Studio, where there are many people who have studied at Aina Matīsa in many countries, who have mastered the actor's and actor's skills in Latvia, who have not chosen their lives in connection with the stage.

There is also his own disadvantage for a speech teacher's work – it's not possible to listen to the radio, but it's not possible the same way.

"It's a pleasure to be able to do this as a free man, it's taken for me," says Aina Matīsa. "I'm glad that everything is okay, there is something noticeable, unknown to me. Still, some sort of compound compound is spoken wrongly, I think how you did not learn it. Even though the actor is popular and good. It's a difficult moment for the teacher, it's always the controller's mind. "

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Aina Matīsa, in memory of the interest in the theater, finds that there are two points of contact. The first one – in the book of the oldest sister school read by Rainy's story "The Golden Horse"

"I read with interest and I suspect that it is possible to talk that there is no story in it – long descriptions, but only encounter and only through that conversation there is a revelation for me what's going on there, "says Aina Matīsa

Second impression is from Viļaka high school, where the brother played at the school's play" The Missing Son "by Pietuka Krustiņa

" It seems to me that it was one of the best performances I have she has seen in her life, "says Aina Matīsa.

For some time she also considered the opportunity to choose an actress career, but" I critically evaluate my physical abilities, I think, give the main character a basket with balloons, it's not for me. "

More During the studies, the lecturers offered to switch to the actor's course, the directors of the course agreed, saying that they would be able to play as a director if they would like. Play come She later took part in some television shows and some films in minor episodes when she worked on Latvian Television.

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