New online furniture shop – Nozares – Financenet started working in Latvia

Web platforms are easily designed to meet market requests, as 57% of the customers' source has already been seen and already selected.

Berry's commander of Berry in Latvia, Yekaterin Vercinsky, states that Latvia is the first country in which Berry Mebeles is. come with his new operating model.

"The name" Berry "is renowned for Latvia residents, who is already in recognition of higher quality furniture. We are pleased to now allow Latvian residents to choose the furniture opportunity from over and 10,000 material is huge without pre-payment, "said Vercinska.

The main advantage of buying at Berry Mebel is the best furniture ability to easily handle the order with company transport and look at it from all over the region, changing colors and arrangements.

Products are disposed of at the time of delivery or by paying payment agreement. In addition, customers will be able to return the furniture opportunity within 12 months if they are not happy. This operating model for Berry's new-owned owners has been successful in ten European countries over ten years.

Vercinska says that people aged 25-34 are now the most active in buying online furniture, with almost 40% of all buyers. The statistics collected by the company are n u0026 #; show that 72% of used makers of furniture are female; Easy access to home delivery without risk and any requirement.

"You can select furniture on the internet for a period of time, and you can do it at any suitable time, even at night or evening. Most of the material can also be seen in 3D, changing the color and setting – so a furniture option is much more advanced than physically visiting the shop. Recent ideas show that there are almost 6 -mach of 10 online shop users used on handhelds, and bought 7 out of 10 out of computers, "said Vercinska.

As Vercins announce, buyers are increasingly buying a bigger purchase, such as a & # 39; Buying the entire camera instantly, and thus avoiding mistakes in & # 39; make little shopping and an accident.

Internet solution: higher quality at a better price

With higher income, Berry's version will stand out with the widest range of furniture on the # 39; market – over 10,000 items. "Starting the Berry Mebeles trading on the internet and leaving its cost to host cabin, we will be able to achieve high quality offered at a lower price, "a & # 39; Vercinska definition.

"Latvia will be free of charge and the return of goods warranted will also help to try this type of retail even for the customers. those that have not been ordered to customize the internet ever. "

The business proves that the furniture of the internet is transmitted to the Internet; Also confirming the performance of its company: over the last three years, Furniture1 income has grown by a small 73%. "This is the best proof that shops are just at risk, with delivery and the ability to return furniture just as today's customers need," the definition of Vercinska.

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