Neste in Latvia starts to offer AGRO Pro Diesel – the diesel fuel that meets the strictest requirements of car manufacturers in Europe, the USA and Asia

Since July of this year, Neste, the world's leading producer of renewable diesel fuel, offers a new product – labeled diesel AGRO Pro Diesel. Pro Diesel quality is superior to other diesel fuel available in the world and now it can be purchased by customers in the agricultural sector with a reduced excise tax rate.

Since 2016, Neste petrol stations throughout Latvia have access to this unique diesel fuel – the first in the world and for the time being also the only one. , which is in line with the strictest fuel requirements of European, American and Asian car manufacturers, and is supported by the World Fuel Charter (WWFC), which reflects the uniform high fuel quality standards and the requirements of car manufacturers themselves. The superiority of Neste Pro Diesel over other diesel fuel available in the world can be attributed to cutting-edge recycling technology and high-quality hydrocarbon fractions. Neste Pro Diesel contains 15% renewable Neste diesel. In the two years since the introduction of this diesel fuel in Latvia, motorists are convinced of the high quality of the product and now it wants to be used by farmers in their economic activity. Taking into account the demand, Neste starts to offer AGRO Pro Diesel diesel fuel marketed in Latvia, which the agricultural industry can use according to the Excise goods circulation regime.

"Energy companies not only in Latvia but also globally are making some efforts to reduce harmful emissions and fossil the proportion of the use of raw materials, and this is natural because we are active in the climate change business. Neste is the world leader in fuel production and industry innovation, which is why, in response and demand, we offer an appropriate, high-quality and sustainable solution. In this case, we offer the agricultural industry the highest quality product currently available on the market. AGRO Pro Diesel is a product that satisfies customers who demand quality as well as those who think of the environmental factor. Due to production technology and high quality, the product justifies even the most demanding customers, because in the long run it pays off not only 5% less consumption but goes hand in hand with economic value – better fuel combustion provides less maintenance and technical costs, "says Arttu Airiainen ), Director General of Neste Latvija.

AGRO Pro Diesel is produced in Europe's most modern oil refinery in Porvo (Finland) and uses the most advanced processing technologies. Pro Diesel tests the Finnish VTT Technical Research Center, the Tampere University of Applied Sciences and the Neste Engine Laboratories to demonstrate superiority in the most important diesel fuel parameters. This diesel has good performance, which ensures efficient combustion and increased power, which in turn results in fuel economy. It has excellent frost resistance, which allows diesel fuel to be used in cold weather up to -37 ° C. AGRO Pro Diesel has significantly better combustion properties, resulting in longer fueling filters and no maintenance and maintenance costs for vehicles, and the fuel system will last longer.

Neste is the largest producer of renewable fuels in the world with plants in Finland, the Netherlands and In Singapore, renewable diesel and its obvious benefits are valued by millions of customers worldwide.

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