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According to the newspaper "Latvia Avize", owners of both buildings at 43 Slokas Street and 45 at Slokas Street require EUR 1.78 million.

Land land is sold by the "Silver Sand" estate management company, which own the same owner Kaspars Shenwald. The company was only established in June last year. The entrepreneur has confirmed to the newspaper that the landmarks are being sold for sale, but stressed that the member does not currently work commercially. "The news is bigger to see the building," said Shenwald.

"It is only a small part of the joint owner. This is not my only decision and I don't know any more." Shenwald also suggested that the owners decided other actions with the building once the construction board's decision is known.

Cutting down trees to survive, many Rigans connect to the University of Latvian Botanic Garden (LU), and are surrounded by an ancient garden fence. In the Soviet years, chemical students had raised plants there, remembering local people. That is why the issue of how part of a botanical garden has become a private house has come to the public. The UL states that both land holdings were not in possession of the university, and the land register data prove that these land areas have been held separately by individuals since 1994 and 2000. t

TVNET has already reported that about 100 trees are to be felled at the corner of the botanic garden in Riga, Kuldīga and Slokas Street, according to reports of public debate on tree felling on the Riga City Building Board's website. . The public consultation was held between 5 March and 18 March.

Your comments submitted were not yet in the public debate in Riga City Construction Board, but included the great interest of residents in the felling of trees at Slokas Street 43 and Slokas Street 45, the Conservation Commission of the Rigig Town Council would be encouraged to re-examine tree felling.

Based on Riga Town Council's Conservation Commission decisions on 11 February this year, there are 13 limestone, eight birch, 13 maple, six shawls, one spruce, one spike, one cup presented for public debate at Slokas Street 43, in addition to 15 mapsles, 16 black otters. , nine aspen, nine birch, two willow, three spruce, two goblets, three ivories, one leaf-leaf and one horse-jumper at Sloka Street 45 on plans to build a new house in this place.

Land demolition is initiated by landowners – natural people – in connection with the construction of the new multi-storey building. Land register data shows that one of those land sites was outside the Botanical Garden area, which was unified, once with the actor Mirdz Martinsone.

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