NASA reveals the Artemis program will take the first man of color to the moon

The Artemia program of the NASA agency was already planning to send the first woman to the Moon in 2024, she will also send the first man of color to the Moon.

NASA Administrator Steve Yurchick revealed the purpose of the additional mission in a press release Friday, praising the Baiden administration’s recently announced budget proposal that would give the agency $ 24.7 billion.

“We know that this increase in funding comes at a time when resources are limited, and we owe it to the president and the American people to be good stewards and accountable for every tax dollar invested by NASA,” said Gurchik. “The NASA workforce and Americans should be encouraged to see what they see in this funding request. It is an investment in our future and shows confidence in the agency’s offering.”

This image was taken from the Apollo 8 spacecraft with a long focal lens, looking south at the large Joclinius crater in the foreground. (NASA / AS)

Support the voices of the White House in lunar exploration through 2024 following concerns about Biden’s Artemia program

Praising the budget proposal, Jurčiks returned to focusing on the details of sending the person of the first color to the moon.

“[The funding] The statement said it was preventing NASA from landing the first woman and person of first color on the lunar surface under the Artemis program. This goal is in line with President Biden’s commitment to a comprehensive approach to promoting justice for all.

Only 12 people set foot on the moon, all Americans and all men. But the last recession took place almost 50 years ago. The last mission of NASA’s Apollo program, Apollo 17, took place in 1972.

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When NASA announced the Artemis program under Trump’s presidency in 2019, the space agency pledged to place “the first woman and the next man” on the lunar surface within five years.

So the next goal is to send astronauts to Mars.

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