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Megan Marmela made a statement

The father of an American actress, Megan Markel, will not go to her wedding with British Princess Harry on Saturday, Mark Kell confirmed on Thursday in a statement from the Kensington Palace.

"Unfortunately, my father will not attend our wedding. My father has always taken care of me, and I hope he will be given the kind of care he needs to focus on his health, "said Marl. "I would like to thank all those who have shown support," the bride said, pointing out that she and Harry are very happy about the opportunity to share their special day with everyone else.

TMZ's Entertainment News Tuesday announced that Marc's father Tomass, who lives in Mexico, will not go to visit The wedding is due to a heart attack on her Wednesday.

The TMZ, referring to Thomas Marckle, had previously stated that he had decided not to attend the wedding ceremony of her daughter so as not to discomfort her.

The British tabloid Mail on Sunday reported that Thomas Marck has organized a photo shoot with paparazzi.

The British daily "Daily Mirror" said that these photos were sold for 100,000 dollars (83,000 euros).

Tom Marsell was scheduled to meet Princess Harry, Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Philip, for the first time this week to bring her daughter to the altar afterwards

Harry and Megan Mārkļa wedding will be held. May 19 St.Jura chapel in Windsor Castle. Approximately 600 guests are invited to the wedding ceremony, and approximately 2,600 residents of the surrounding area, castle workers and specially selected people from the community will be able to congratulate the young couple at the church.

British media reports that her mother, Doria Reglenda, may be married to the altar


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