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Latvian U-18 basketball team in the eighth finals of the European Championship meet with Turkey / Diena

Both teams' duel at Ventspils Olympic Center will begin at 18.30, broadcast live on the Latvian Television (LTV) Channel 7, as the official YouTube account of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) [196459002].

In the first round of this tournament Latvia struck Croatia on Saturday with 73:77, followed by Greece at 80:74, while in the final 90:68 duel with Italy safely betrayed.

Meanwhile, Turkey succeeded Germany in the first game with 73:67, followed by France 67:78, as well as failure to Russia (56:65)

Thus, with two successes in three games Latvia finished in the first position in subgroup A, while Turkey ranked last in group B with one victory in the same game.

This The towering team in the quarterfinals will compete with the winner of the Finnish and British pair.

In sub-group B, Germany won two wins. s success and ranked first, but Russia with the same victories was the second. Greece succeeded third in the second group in Group A in Latvia, while Greece and Greece in the second place were second in the group, while the third and fourth in each were Italy and Croatia, respectively.

Turkey is twice the European Champion U -18 age group For the first time, the Turks triumphed in this tournament in 2013 when the competition was held in Latvia, but another gold medal was won in their home next year. In 2015, Turkey ranked second, followed by a fall or 12th place a year later. Turkey won the fourth place in the European Championship last year

In total, Turkey holds two gold, three silver and two bronze medals at the U-18 European Championship

Spain, Ukraine, Finland, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina fought in sub-group C in Liepaja. Herzegovina, while Lithuania, the United Kingdom, Montenegro and Serbia are in the subdivision D

Winners of the eighth final round this weekend In the Arena Riga will compete for 1st to 8th place, but the losers – Elektrum in the Olympic in the center of the 9th-16th place. Artur Visockis-Rubenis, who is assisted by Gunārs Gailītis, Gatis Melderis, Robert Zeil and former national coach Ainars Bagatskis, are in charge of the fight against basketball players of Latvia's U-18.

The team also has physical training coach Erik Visockis and physiotherapist Kristīne Plūme.

The team of this year's team has been coached by Artur Žagars, the leader of interplay since the U-14, but many can play a leader role in individual games. Artur Kurucam, Anriam Miškam and Armand Berkim this is already the fourth European Junior Championship, but for the first time in the continental championship only the striker Marc Steinberg is playing.

After a very long break, many U-18 team players have gained a solid experience in adult basketball. Seven had a good practice at the Liepaja team of the Latvian Basketball League (LBL) – Anrijs Miskams, David Viksns and Ojars Bērziņš in the team Valmiera / ORDO, Adrian Šnipkem and Edvard Mežul at the University of Latvia, Kristaps Kilpa in Ventspils . In addition, Walter Vauger, Oskar Hlebovickis and Marcin Šteinbergs played a lot in LBL's second division. Artur Žagars and Artūrs Kurucs have been hard at work in Spain, and the first of them has debuted in the strongest league in the last season.

The teams include Valmiera, Ventspils, Ogre, Jelgava, Sigulda, Liepaja Riga / DSN, [

Last year Latvia's European U-18 Championship, having put the emphasis on preparing for this year's tournament, ranked last among 16 teams

Latvian young basketball players winning the winner in the Baltic Cup in winter, achieving success in all three games. Meanwhile, in the summer, eight victories have been won in the preparatory phase of eight battles. The German Junior Championships (88:81 and 77:75) were twice defeated, Estonia (82:60), Lithuania (73:56), Spain (75:74) and France (79:67), but both losses were met against Estonia (64:73 and 69:77).

At the European Championship U-18 group, Latvian guys have won bronze medals (2007, 2010) and fourth place (1998, 2013). In recent years, the start has not been so successful – tenth (2015), 13 (2016) and 16th place (2017). Two years ago, when two born in 2000 in the U-16 championship, the first four were Spain, Lithuania, Turkey and Croatia.

Latvian U-18 team for the European Championship:

Artūrs Žagars (Badalona "Divina Seguros Joventut", Spain), Ojārs Bērziņš (" Valmiera / VirA), Kristaps Ķilps (Ventspils University College), David Viksne (Valmiera / ORDO), Adrians (Valmiera / ORDO), Arturs Kurucs (Vitoria Baskonia-2, Spain), Valter Vever (Valmiera Glass / ViA) ("The University of Latvia"), Oskars Hlebovickis ("VEF School"), Anrijs Miška ("Valmiera" / ORDO), Armands Berķis (Betsafe / Liepaja), Mārcis Šteinbergs (Ogre), Edvards Mežulis University of Latvia ")

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