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The Bologna team ended the Italian season with four losses in a row, but overall the unit could not succeed in six consecutive bouts

Despite the failure of the season, Bologna was able to retain its place in the Italian A Series, ranked 15th overall. the place and the falling zone ahead of four points. Indzagi has been the main trainer of the Venezia club for the past two years, helping the team in the Italian B series last year, but last season it did not qualify for the Italian A-series in a "play-off" match

. Inzag's same season was AC Milan "The club's main trainer, also taking part in this unit for most of his football career, playing in Milan from 2001 to 2012. Inzaghi also played 57 Italian games in a row. It should be noted that the trainer also has Philip's brother Simone Inzag, who trained the Roman "Lazio" team in the previous three seasons

Meanwhile, Donadoni became the main coach of this unit shortly after the Italian Cup in the 2006 World Cup triumph, but two years later, Until the European Championship Quarterfinals, a specialist is subsequently dismissed. During his career Donadoni led only home clubs. Donadon from 1980 to 1990 was one of the leading players in the AC Milan team.

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