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How did the new animated movie & # 39; The Sun Ride in Heaven & # 39 ;? Znotin and many in their roles.

On the eve of the centenary of the celebration of Latvia, on November 15, the new animated film by Rose Stieb "The Sun Drove in Heaven" reached the giant screens. At this time, he received the first reviews and began his life in theaters, so we offer a view of the scenes behind the film about how New Riga actors Vilis Daudzins and Kaspars Znotins played their roles.

Kaspars Znotins spoke in the film to Nabasher, awkward but courageous, who is ready to go save the son of the sun.

"He is a typewriter that is not damaged, he is not brave in the sense that he does not consider much or something is possible, or not." This is the son of the third father, who assumes the impossible mission of releasing the Sun child. These guys are doing great things, "says his hero the actor

"The film does not make you think, reflect on the destiny of the nation, but be beautiful, as my character in the film says, how long will we experience this beauty?"

"It's like a composer said about the usual musical writing and the writing of music for a movie theater: the film should offer everything it can, the best part." The same is true for animated films, with voice intonation, he can interpret the image, everything artistic and the active concentration is in the voice, "says Znotin.

In turn, the voice of Vile Daudzins in the new animated film is spoken by the rough villain of the forest Vilks.
"He is a forest bandit with a vulnerable egoism, a patriarchal character, and if anyone doubts that he is a wolf or a wolf serious enough, then he does his bad deeds just to show that he can," says Vilis Daudzins. .

This animation is called a very fine and sensitive genre of art, which is our national treasure.
It's exciting to say it's a talking movie. "Of course, you are much freer because you do not see, but on the other hand, the responsibility is much higher, because everything you could have done with your body, which the spectator could read, is only audible," says the actor. .

"The sun drove in the sky" is based on themes of popular songs. When a bride of Sun and Moon is stolen in a jar, desperate parents call a man to retrieve the baby. The Nabasherman walks around the sword and, along with the Girl and the Bride, goes down the road to face the mosquitoes and the lungs and their own fears and laziness. The assistants only receive three days: if at that moment the daughter of the Sun is not found, she will lose her strength and become a normal girl. A trip of danger and adventure, which teaches everyone to be brave and ingenious, but also useful.

The new animated film has become part of the "Latvian Cinema for the Latvian Century" program.

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