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Hot skin care: cleanses, protects and slips away

Summer is a time when skin care should be given special attention. In warm and sunny times, the skin needs not only adequate protection and moisturizing, but also needs to focus on cleaning it. For the most important aspects of everyday skin care in the summer, the Health Center 4 Dermatologic Clinic Methodologist, dermovenerologist Linda Kapteine ​​and Ilze Priedniece, Pharmacist Pharmacy "Benu"

for problematic skin with rash

is a skin friend and in the summer rash decreases, however, young people have entrance exams and various other sources of stress, which also contributes to rash. Then the biggest mistake is to go to the beach and be strong, strongly shading. Why? Ultraviolet (UV) rays are a disinfectant, but a strong sun thickens the inflamed skin – a thicker epidermis, a thicker layer of the cornea, and more inflamed sebaceous glands encapsulate, thus failing to clear. Then the skin develops after scars, pigment spots. It is even harder to deal with such a slick, spotted face than if a sun-damaged pump is healed on the go, or a remedy that prevents pigmentation from forming. Kapteine ​​

Facial Care

Kapteine ​​explains – In the summer, skin becomes livelier, it produces more vitamin D and is more well regenerated, so gum preparations should be used in the treatment of acne and facial rashes. It is advisable to remove excess sweat, grease and dust with alcohol-free skin care products. For example, with mica water, milder foam or cream gels for the face. The skin does not need to be washed by washing

Cream must be used for dry skin in the summer, because the skin structure has to be slightly applied. Day cream has a UV filter that protects the skin from harmful sunlight

Cream is not recommended for oily facial skin in summer, gel can be used, such as cellulose water gel or mild fluids.


For moisturizing your face during the summer, you can choose a moisturizing sunblock or twist your face a few times a day with spray water. Spray sprays are diverse, including those that are almost liquid creams that protect the DNA's structures in the cell, so that radiation from the sun does not cause damage and the cell itself can cope with harmful effects. It's commonplace in Europe, but it's still not popular to use these sprays in Latvia. Aerosols are especially handy and effective when a person travels because the small vials are of such a volume that they can be brought into the cabin.

Night care

Overnight, you can choose a soothing cream that protects you from the skin, so you do not have a feeling of stinging, also recommended for cucumber extract, aloe vera extract, seaweed masks and seaweed creams, but not alcoholic preparations. skin cells and helps them rejuvenate. The use of anti-aging or anti-wrinkle creams in the summer for women of mature age is recommended only at bedtime. Vitamin-containing creams should be selected. Vitamin C will restore collagen and reduce the formation of pigmentation, vitamin A stimulates skin rejuvenation and reduces wrinkles. Vitamin A Creams are also useful for younger people who have acne rash on the face. Vitamin E works in the regeneration of the epidermis cell membrane, so vitamin E cream is recommended even when the skin is after sun and wind, and if the skin is reddened or sensitive.

Rozation or Couperose

For People Who Suffer from rosacea (skin condition – skin affected by capillary netting), the skin of the sun is getting hot, not getting healthier. Therefore, cream with more protection from the sun should be used. The products that contain both a UV-protective filter and a blood-softening component, as well as an effect on redness, are available, so one cream can be used as a daily cream. Pigmentation spots are of different origin. On the face and décolleté area, plasters may appear after a variety of rashes, as the irritated skin releases a pigment to protect the inflamed site. Therefore, it is recommended to tan the skin only if it is healthy. On the other hand, around 40-50 years of age, skin photonics occur – the effect of ultraviolet radiation on the skin of the horn cells appears. Actinic keratoses, or solar keratoses, are called aging spots, which slow down over the years from sneezing and may gradually turn into skin tumors. Therefore, it is very important to use creams that protect the skin from ultraviolet rays.

Skin care after procedures

The doctor emphasizes that if laser procedures are performed in the winter or in the spring, then the day cream should be chosen with much higher protection against ultraviolet radiation rays This is to prevent the problem of the skin that has just been resolved. In the summer, you should be very careful with the peeling of fruit acids and the cream containing the fruit, because they too tremble and dry the skin.

Pharmacist's Advice

Pharmacists Ilze Priedniece emphasizes that the protection of the skin in the summer is very important, therefore it is advisable to choose qualitative and suitable for your type of skin care and care. remedies. It should be remembered that no sunblock protects 100 percent protection. When purchasing it, care must be taken to ensure protection against both UVA and UVB rays. For people with lighter skin, as well as with rosacea, pigmentation spots or scars, you should choose SPF 50 creams, and in the case of acne, use SPF 30-50 protective equipment. Sun protection creams apply to the skin for 20-30 minutes before sun exposure, and should be applied repeatedly every two hours after bathing or sweating.

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