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Free Festival Fono Cēsis Celebrates First Day Musicians / Day

This year's festival program is comprised of home-grown associations such as Astro'n'Out New Orchestra of the Midsummer Inokenty Marpls Linga Felix the Chagel, as well as a tradition that already became a tradition Fono Cēsis revealing group Don Tondo composed also by songwriter and cesman El Mars .

First musicians The background of Cesis will play at 18:00 on Friday, but after 1 pm the stage will be taken over and the DJ continues.

The organizers of the 2nd day artists list promise to announce soon. A separate program will also be announced to the Fonklubs where both the festival's nights will take place on an official Fono Cēsis afterparty.

Also this year Fono Cēsis in collaboration with Cēsis Culture and Tourism will be a free festival.

It is to be recalled that this year's event will return to the Sand Square named Uzvaras Boulevard 22, where it also took place in 2016.

2014. In the summer of 2008, Lauris Sildniks, director of the Fono Ltd stated that Fono Cēsis is intended as a new tradition, replacing the eight-year music and sports festival Fonofest . window.fbAsyncInit = function () {
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