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FinCEN refuses to disclose what is the basis for accusing ABLV Bank of bribery • IRIR.lv

FinCEN FinCEN which issued a critical statement on ABLV on 13th February, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Institution refuses to provide additional information on one of the publicly accused – that ABLV has used bribery to influence officials in Latvia by 2017.

After weeks and several times There attempts to contact FinCEN, Press Officer Stephen Hudock replied in writing that there would be no further explanation for the time being.

FinCEN has issued a statement on the proposal [deny ABLV Bank access to the US financial sector]which is now open. public comments. These comments [vēlāk] will be made available as part of the decision-making process. "However, during the decision-making process, disclosure of additional information is prohibited unless it is done transparently, providing equal access to information for all parties involved," Hudaks explains.

ABLV Vadim Reinfeldt, deputy director of the bank, announced last week that the "FinCEN bribery mentioned in the report" is considered "totally unacceptable". The bank has appealed this week to the Latvian State Police and KNAB with a request to check this information. "Neither the bank nor the bank's employees have ever committed bribery in relation to any official. Reinfeldt said at a press conference that

KNAB chief Jekabs Straume said in an LTV broadcast in a direct broadcast a direct speech also explained that, in the case of the massacre, his supervised institution has not yet received further information from FinCEN . "In order not to be silent, we have been asking our partners in the United States to provide evidence of the allegations made in the report. So far, we have an exchange on this issue, but we have not received any concrete evidence, "Straume said.

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