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Estonia will open a traveling exhibition ONLY PROHIBITED. Baltic Book 1918 – 1940 / Day

ONLY PROHIBITED. The Baltic Book 1918-1940 is not an exhibition of banned books in the Soviet Union. The name in the metaphor refers to the fifty years of forbidden epoch whose testimony is so clearly reflected in the books. Many of them quietly continued to live in unpublished home libraries and told their readers the whole world of the lost riches.

The period from 1918 to 1940 is known as the golden age in the Baltic book publishing industry. Much happened for the first time: statehood provided the possibility of undisturbed development, finally full-cycle education in national languages ​​was available, industry researchers had the opportunity to publish in institutions of higher education and research institutes, reading allowed to gain both knowledge and full entertainment in the countryside and in the city. Read and enlighten intelligence with all the social strata, the authors have the opportunity to diversify and free creativity, the state became involved in the promotion of books and support for bookkeeping. Both the collection and the art of art have reached unprecedented peaks.

Classical book exhibitions offer visitors a unique surprise and offers a look at the three Baltic States 20-30.

The exhibition is organized by the National Library of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia in cooperation with the University of Vilnius and the University of Tallinn

The exhibition will be open to the public from 1 August to October 25th. Entrance free of charge

On November 1, the exhibition will be opened at the National Library of Latvia.

The exhibition was created under the program LV100 .

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