Chaos and Clutter Deplete Energy in the Home: 4 Rational Tips for Action

Here are some tips on how to put things in order at home.

Do it like this:

● The things that we like, use and enjoy have a positive effect on our subconscious, so we must leave them alone in the living space, but separated from everything else. The easiest way to do this is to get everything out of the room, bedroom, or kitchen except large furniture. Then each subject is evaluated with their feelings, if I really like it and if it is useful to me. Get rid of everything that comes to your mind, maybe one day it will be useful, without regret.

● If you have little time to empty an entire room, focus on one thing, like a kitchen drawer with silverware. Download it empty, then take each item in your hand and think about the last time you used it, if it’s practical, or if it makes you happy.

Also, keep decorative and interior items in your room only if you feel joy, pleasure, or satisfaction when looking at them.

● Unfortunately, the austerity, early morning and cleanup drives only help for a short time because it is not a habit to think regularly and consider your expenses, to clean the dust when it is almost imperceptible. However, the habit of regularly cleaning the house, washing clothes is formed only if a certain activity is repeated over and over again. A new program of this type occupies the brain only after about 30 days. Then it has taken its place in the subconscious and man no longer thinks about it.

■ Relocating old documents or magazines across the table only makes work difficult and overloads the brain. Therefore, do not place a dirty coffee cup from the desk to the kitchen table, but immediately in the sink. Sew the missing button immediately, do not drop it on the bedside table. If you invest minutes in each activity, you won’t have to spend hours later.

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