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Canada takes Russia over and takes part in semifinals – PČ 2018 – Ice hockey – Sportacentrs.com

In both Russian and Canadian teams, five wins were won in the tournament, with the same number of goals scored and scored (32:10 and 32:12 respectively), but the coincidence of the circumstances also put them in the same queue in the quarter finale. The Russian team in this match decided to send their nominally second goalkeeper Ilya Shevtorkin, who had played less in the group tournament than Vasily Koshekin, but was able to stay dry and not to miss any goal in this tournament.

During the first period, Canada attacked much more, but it helped do two more Russians, and the Canadians used the first one, heading in the fifth minute. Konor Makdeivid immediately left the pitch after Koltan Pareiko, who beat Shtejorkin a long shot after entering the area.

In the second period, Russia played more actively, but it again got a rejection. The Canadian Majority Brigade was once again at task highs. Ryan New Jersey-Hopkins defeated Shevejorkin after a simple, but fast-paced match, earning McDevid and Pareiko in this match

However, the Russians needed only a minute to get one goal. Already throughout the tournament, Canadian goalkeeper Darcy Kemper did not show a convincing match, and this time he played an unsuccessful move to cope with the first shot, but then the avant-garde striker Ilya Mikeyev had already been thrown into almost empty gates. The Russians also did not cut off until the end of the season, when Jevgenijs Dadonovs scored the goalkeeper Barabanov with a pass.

During the third period, the goalkeepers of both teams were still not at their height. Shepherd's keeper crossed the Kaila Turis mesto rig between the footmen, Kemper did not react to Zaicev's shot from a sharp angle (the Andronov was front-facing the goalkeeper), Shejjorkin replied with a dropped roller that was immediately thrown into Dibu, but in the 55th minute, Kemper did not dash Anisimov a simple shot from a sharp angle that gave Nikita Zaicev the third performance point in this game. It all kept balance in the game, with the end of the base time waiting for a draw of 4: 4.

In the meantime, Canada was in the majority, moreover, played a longer time with the detained penalty, but in the real majority of the game the fate was decided by Raffles O'Railley, the attacker of Buffalo "Saber", putting a stick

Canada will play in semi-final against the winner of the duo of Switzerland and Finland, who will be clear tonight. The Canadian midfielder has been on the run for the fourth consecutive year, with the final in all three previous tournaments. The Russian team has left the semifinals for the first time since 2013, and in the past tournaments Oleg Znarok and Harry Vytolin managed the Russian team to get medals, but the new head coach Ilya Vorobyov, who took these responsibilities shortly before the start of the PJ, failed

Russia – Canada 4: 5 P (0: 1, 2: 1, 2: 2, 0-1)

Goals: 4:45 Paraiko (MacDevid, Eberle) 0: 1 31:51 New Jersey-Hopkins (Makdeivid, Paraiko) 0: 2 32:53 Mikeyev (Anisimov, Zaicev) 1: 2 37 : 32 Barabanov (Dadonov) 2: 2 47:11 Turii (Schwartz) 2: 3 48:44 Andronov (Zaitsev, Sošnikovs) 3: 3 ]52:36 Dibu (Jost) 3: 4 54:34 Anisimov (Grigorenko, Zaitsev) 4: 4 64:57 O`Railii (Makdeivid, Ekblads) 4: 5
Lit: 30:41
Soda Minutes: 8: 2
Goalie: Ilya Shevjorkin – Darcy Kemper

City Game Time / Rez.
Copenhagen Russia – Canada 4: 5 P
Herning USA – Czech Republic 3: 2
Copenhagen Sweden – Latvia 21:15
Herning Finland – Switzerland 21: 15

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