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Bunkus murder probably related to mysterious disappearance of entrepreneur / Article / LSM.LV

An insolvency process for the apartment house in Jurmala was united by lawyer Mārtiņš Bunkas and the contractor Andris Bojārs. Bunku was found shot in his car, but Boyar has been missing for more than half a year, reports de LTT de facto on Sunday. The police point out that the relationship between both is considered as one of the versions.


  • Boyar disappeared, leaving all the belongings.
  • Boyar with Russian citizen Andrei Shalapin was hired to construct an apartment in Jurmala, but both of them quarreled.
  • Bunkas represented Shaļapina as the owner of the bankruptcy court. interests. Between him and Boyar there was a sharp exchange of words.
  • The office of Bojar and Bunkus may have been "unfair" with each other, leaving Shaļapīns to be the last.
  • Police are one of the versions of the relationship.

Andris Boyar disappeared last November. He got out of his apartment in Skolas street, Riga. His capture has been captured by CCTV cameras for a while, but what happened later is not known.

Lawyer Sergey Lukashin was appointed by the court on November 27 as insolvency administrator for one of Bojar's companies – "AB Build". And this was the last time both spoke.

"We agreed that we would meet to agree on the transfer of documents and assistance in the future insolvency process," Lukashenko remembers. But Boyar did not answer for future calls.

"Later came the information that he simply disappeared. And disappeared under secret conditions, leaving all the items, leaving both the passport and the documents at home. As if he had gone for five minutes, "says Lukashenko, and notes that Boyar had hoped that, in the context of insolvency proceedings, he would be able to fight for the claim of the State Revenue Service (VID), which was calculated in 2017, and he also planned something what kind of money to recover ".

The relatives of Boyar wrote a statement to the State Police, which seems to have rejected the version of the outbreak or suicide, as it now investigates the murder. However, the details do not reveal the details of the police.

"The totality of materials and facts we have gained during the search may indeed indicate that such a fact [slepkavība] may exist," said Andrei Grishin, Chief of the Main Criminal Police of the State Police,


Since the disappearance of Boyar, half a year has passed. However, Grishin denies that the investigation is deadlocked, and points out that investigations in such cases tend to last for years.

Several "de facto" sources called for the reasons for Boyar's disappearance to search for his apartment business. He bought the homes of the center, they renewed and traded residence permits for foreigners.

A few years ago Boyar found a partner – a Russian citizen Andrei Shalepin. The two opened up for a multi-millionth project – the construction of new apartments in Jurmala, Ceriņu iela 3. But then Bojar and Shalapin were quarreling. The struggle for property through insolvency proceedings began. Martins Bunkus, a recently-shot lawyer, was hired to represent Shalapin's interests.

Boyar, for his part, secured disciplinary proceedings against the SRS chief tax inspector Sandra Karklinna-Ādmini, but she did not find any irregularities in her case.

Bojar with Bunku faced the meetings of creditor of "Buvnieks LV" owner of Ceriņu Street building. In the two minutes it was recorded in the minutes that between Bojar and Bunkus

"a loud discussion about issues that are not related to the agenda of the announced meeting".

But at the beginning of last year the parties found a solution. The property of Jurmala remained at the disposal of the Bojara company "Cerinu apartments", but several apartments in the value of 850 thousand euro came to Immocomfort.lv, which has nothing to do with Bojara's former partner, Shalapin. One of the hard-nosed lawyers "de facto" unofficially admitted that the Russian investor was left alone. It is evident that one apartment was transferred to Adelo Commerce, where the true beneficiary is Banca's lawyer Jekaterina Galuška.

If Bojar and Bunkus really left a Russian businessman with a long nose, then the disappearances and murders may be linked.

Their police are not excluded. "In one version, we see interconnections," says Grishin.

The lawyer of the businessman Mikhail Ulyman was appointed as administrator of the insolvency proceedings of the Bojar Company. Previously, the murdered Bunk had a conflict with Ullmann's job. Uļmanam belongs to Latvijas Pasta banka and Bojara Company has borrowed from the bank. Umman's lawyer Lukashenko claims that he had been in the administration of Bojar as the only coincidence in his life.


Insolvency administrator Martins Bunkus was shot dead in May Mezapark at the Riga Brothers' Graves in his Range Rover car . The assassination took place around noon. 8.40. A tent car is also seen on the scene. Later the car was found burnt near the scene. The initial version of the investigators is that a man's murder is related to his professional work as an advocate or insolvency administrator.

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