British royal expert claims Megan Mark is lying, she has not been “trapped” in the castle

When Megan Mark agreed to marry Prince Harry, the queen had a conversation with his future wife, in which she discussed the fact that she should not stop acting and take on royal duties full time, writes The Telegraph.

It has already been written that the Duchess revealed in an interview with Opra Winfrey last month that when she joined the family in 2018, she was forced to give up even her passport and driver’s license.

He had to “surrender” to the royal family and give up his private life.

Royal family biographer Andrew Morton, who interviewed Princess Diana, said on the “Royally Obsessed” podcast that Her Majesty has offered the couple the Duke and Duchess of Sussex even more options so as not to lose their privacy as family members. real.

“The queen gave them the opportunity to go wherever they wanted,” Morton said. “They were told: here are your first class tickets, choose the country you want to go to, we will make you Commonwealth Ambassadors.

If Megan doesn’t want to take on royal duties full time, please be our guest and continue your acting career. These opportunities were not denied him. “

However, the Duchess told Opra Winfrey that she felt trapped in Kensington Palace, claiming that in 2019 she had left the house only twice in four months.

The biographer disagrees with this complaint, as Megan is often seen in West London shopping malls and restaurants. “When I saw the interview, I recorded for me, yes, a feeling of isolation, yes, a feeling of despair, exactly what Diana told me once. But then I remember what my friends said they saw as Megan with bags. Whole Foods in Kensington returns to the castle. It is not like jail.

“My other friends have seen her with her friends in various restaurants, so it seems to me that she has led a normal life,” concludes the royal family expert.

Morton also shared his opinion that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had hastily surrendered in real life and ignored the consequences of their departure. “I don’t think any of them thought about what they were going to do now,” he said.

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