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Avocado on the face, apple in the abdomen. Valuable tricks for spring cosmetics

Hair, nails and skin are like a calling card for a well-functioning body. In the spring, strengthening and careful care is especially important because in the darker months of the year, the body has received less vitamin D, which negatively affects not only the appearance but also the immune system. "The skins, claws and hair of a human being are constantly exposed to external environmental contamination, temperature, humidity, and humidity," says pharmacist Euroaptiekas Ieva Zvagule . A variety of tricks to take care of hair, nails and skin health in the spring. and the effects of cosmetic products containing various chemicals. It is not in vain to say that the appearance of the hair, nails and skin is indicative of human health. Spring is a time when more attention is paid to the external appearance, therefore care for hair, nails and skin will not only make us more radiant, but will also have a positive effect on our health in general, "explains Ieva Zvagule.

Relaxation Day

After the tumultuous months of winter, when we eat more and more carbohydrates rich foods, our body will appreciate the days of the juices and the days of relaxation. Fruits, berries, birch juice – these valuable spring findings will not only give you a sense of lightness and fill us with energy, but will also be useful for improving the hair, skin and nails.

"On the days when we eat less, we give the body routine tired intestinal tract) to relax a bit and thus cleanse the contamination. The day off is easy to implement, and it would be desirable to do it for only one day, using fruits, berries and juices, especially one of the highest values ​​of birch juice, in the spring. Regarding the days of rest, I recommend choosing peeled apples as they contain a lot of polyphenols that act as antioxidants, and the apples contain relatively little calories – only one apple gives 5 g of fiber, a lot of ballast and contains only 80 calories. Raspberries are also particularly valuable – they contain the most fiber in comparison with other fresh berries, which means extremely effective body cleansing ability. Raspberry improves blood circulation, boosts energy, boosts immunity, refreshes the skin of the face and restores glare in the eyes, "reveals the pharmacist."

Vitamins for the brilliance of the spring

Spring is the right time to take missing vitamins, and in this particular During the time of the skin, vitamin B group is often lacking. Its deficiency is expressed as dry and itchy skin, and can be reduced by eating spinach, groats, strawberries or egg yolk. Likewise, the skin has an important vitamin C, which helps to form collagen or protein, which helps in the fight against aging skin and strengthens both bones and nails and hair. Vitamin C is found in canopies, cranberries, kiwi, citrus fruits, peppers, cabbage, etc. Vitamin A is one of the fat soluble vitamins that takes care of the skin to be smooth and beautiful. High concentrations of vitamin A are in carrots and dairy products. Vitamin D will help against aging skin and nail brittleness, and it's easy to get it out if sunny hours are out. Vitamin D can be found in fatty sea fish or egg yolk. Vitamin E provides a youthful look for the skin, helps to moisturize and protect from harmful ultraviolet rays. Vitamin E in foods can be obtained from germinated seeds, legumes, oat flakes, almonds and arrows. Vitamins K help the dark circles underneath the eyes – its sources of food are spinach, dark lettuce, eggs, milk, etc.

Solarium – with measure

In the long winter months, when there is no sun, many liked to visit the solarium. The pharmacists find that in this case it is important to know the type of skin. "It is imperative to use appropriate skin care products in a solarium in order to reduce the sensitivity of the skin and the risk of potential irritation. When going to the solarium, you should definitely not be attracted to dry skin owners, because dry skin does not have a natural protective layer. It is advisable to visit every tanning bed no more than once a week. In addition, in the spring, while outdoors it's nice and sunny, you should definitely try to spend more time in the fresh air – the natural sunlight will not only increase energy and improve your mood, but will also be healthier than having a solarium, "says the pharmacist.

Hair and facial masks for beauty and health

Wind, damp time and heating season does not benefit both hair and skin of the face. Different masks will be useful to restore skin and hair shine and health. Since in the spring it is important for the skin to help remove excess toxins, a cranberry-avocado mask is recommended. It's quite simple – squashed cranberries and avocados, just put it on the face. This mask will tone and eliminate unnecessary toxins from the skin. In turn, winter-tanned hair will evaluate an effective mask for increasing hair volume, which is used 2-3 times a week for three consecutive months. For half a cup of kefir, add a raw egg and a teaspoon of cocoa powder. All thoroughly mix and apply to the roots of the hair, allow the mask to dry, then add another part of the mixture on top of the existing layer. Then, you should cover the head with a towel, holding the mask for 20 to 25 minutes.

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