Wednesday , October 17 2018

At the Museum Night, there will be free performances at the Latvian Puppet Theater – Culture

19. In May, from 19.00, the Latvian Puppet theater will be screened by the Latvian Puppet theater, offering the event program "Endless Creation Joy" from 19.00 to the visitors of the Museum Night.

The play "Jam" is performed without words, attracting viewers to live music and puppet etiquette in various techniques. [19659003] Special Night Museums Night in 2018, guests at the Latvian Puppet Theater will be the theater company "HUPS! Crew "artists from Budapest with the show" Jam ", whose visit to Latvia was provided by the Hungarian Embassy.

The performance" Jam "takes place without words, attracting viewers to live music and puppet etiquette in various techniques. Different characters work in the hour's length – when objects get alive, viewers will be able to recognize their own lifestyles. The show is recommended for everyone aged 5 to 100 years … The theater company "HUPS! Crew artists are actors at the Budapest Puppet Theater and Kolibri Theater, graduating from the University of theater and film art, where they have mastered acrobatics and various puppet theater techniques – animation of objects, glove dolls, shadow theater, puppetry and puppet puppets (Japan). Two shows will be held in the evening – pl. 20.00 and 22.00 Free entrance cards will be available at the theater info center one hour before the start of the show.

A second course of the theater art course at the Latvian Academy of Culture "Graf Monte Kristo in 30 minutes" will be presented as the second unique event for the audience. Is it possible to tell the world famous, "impressive" novel by Alexander Dumas in 30 minutes on the stage of the theater? Without losing its content, meaning, storyline, artistic quality? The performance "Count Monte Kristo in 30 minutes" is a witty, witty creative artist of the Latvian Academy of Culture, aesthetics of objects (industrial dolls) in the aesthetics of the theater, whose premiere is on May 19 after pl. 21:00 in the program of the Latvian Puppet theater "Museum Night"

Program of the Latvian Puppet theater "Museums Night":

19.00 Meteorological info center, puppet shows in the theater yard [19659004] 20.00 The performance of the theatrical company "HUPS Crew" in Budapest

21.10 "The Grate Mente Kristo 30" minutes in the theater yard

22.00 Budapest Theater Company "HUPS Crew show" Jam "theater

[196459004] Price surprise at the Museum Night!

  1. May all day tickets for May and June performances you will be able to buy at a special price: in the Great Hall – 7 EUR, in the Small Hall – 6 EUR. Tickets will be available on the Internet at and at all Ticket Sales Paradise locations. The Latvian Puppet theater cashier's working hours on May 19: 10 am -17.00 and during the event from 19.00 to 23.00. The discount does not apply to pre-booked tickets.

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