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Architect Austris Mailis is on the list of prestigious "Europe 40 under 40" / Article / LSM.LV

On Friday, May 18, an exhibition of 40 European brightest young architects and designers is being opened in Athens. This year, the Latvian architect Austris Mailītis with the work "The Shaolin Flying Monk Theater" was included in the prestigious list and also received the award, and Inita Kabanova, the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Culture, informed.

The work of the highly acclaimed Austrian Mailis and the team of architects (the authors of the project: Walter Muran, Ints Menegelis, Karl Melzobs, Dina Suhanova, André Odumann, Ekaterina Olonkina) – wind tunnel amphitheater for the famous performances of the Shaolin monks' levitation – is located in Salshan Hill in the central part of China

The author of the Shaolin Flying Monk theater in 2017 won the Great Architecture Grand Prize of Latvia. In 2017, a documentary film The Temple of Flighting Monks was created for the creation of the project with the support of the National Film Center and the State Culture Capital Foundation in the Environmental Film Studio.

In the framework of the Europe 40 under 40 Awarding Program, the international jury opts for the 40 best European younger architects and designers , which will affect European architectural design, thinking and theory in shaping the future environment in European and world cities. The aim of the organizers is to highlight 40 of the most promising young talents and to support creative thinking in the architecture of tomorrow.

Young architects, city planners, industrial and graphic designers, as well as fashion designers and textile designers younger than 40 years of age can work on their projects. from 48 European countries. The awarded works are valued by world-renowned architects, developers, architects, academics and critics.

The awarding program is organized by the European Center for Architecture, Arts, Design and Urban Planning and the Chicago Architecture and Design Museum. Choosing 40 young talents, the jury is looking for design innovation, the implementation of new ideas and approaches, as well as the use of the latest construction technologies and materials in contemporary design. The sustainability of projects – energy efficiency, ecological design and the ability to respect the surrounding city or countryside environment and conditions – play an essential role.

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