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After loud sex scandals, Kevin Speiss is back at work

The movie "Billionaire Boys Club", in which one of the roles portrayed by Speis, will appear on screens in July. It's true that the film was taken two years ago, a good time before the scandalous accusation of publicly announcing two Oscars for the award-winning actor

. After accusations, Speez completely disappeared from Ridley Scott's All The Money In The World, where he played a key role. The film material was replayed with the character of Christopher Plammer Speysi. Netflix, whose serial "House of Cards" was the mainstay of the show, lost touch with the actor

. However, now Speiss will return to the big screens of the Billionaire Boys Club, based on the actual events of a crime in Los Angeles Early 80's. Other heroes of the film are Taron Egerton, Emma Roberts, Suki Voterhaus, and Ansels Elgorts.

The charges against a sexual assault that includes Speis is currently being investigated by the Los Angeles Public Prosecutor's Office. True, the actor himself is neither arrested nor accused of any crime. In connection with Speisius, an investigation was conducted at the London Metropolitan Police on three sexual assaults, two of which occurred in 2005, but one in 2008. This is the time when Speel was the artistic director of The The Old Vic Theater in London. The status of these investigations is unknown.

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