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The Bend family has lived in England for 15 years. Business consultant Zigurds received two higher studies there. He lost his parents early on and, together with his wife Vineta, he raises three daughters and emphasizes that being a good husband and father is very important to him.

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Twelve years ago, Elbows got married on the oceanfront in Hawaii and Vineta admits that I still feel like a queen with my husband. His passion for family travel planning is now turning into a business, and he recently interviewed a local BBC station about the future venture. But Līkumu’s eldest daughter will graduate from high school this year and it turns out that not only in Latvia are seniors worried about the near future and continuing their education in a pandemic.

The girls do not participate in the conversation. Parents reveal that they avoided the Latvian conversation. When asked about the family’s language, Zigurds laughs that he and his wife speak the language of love, Vineta says that the family speaks both Latvian and English.

Even during the limitations of the pandemic, the family has maintained the ability to return to everyday life with a positive outlook.

Zigurds is a Kurzeme resident, he was born in Tukums but grew up in Sabile, he lost his mother at the age of seven.

“A lot of people will be alone in life,” admits Zigurds. On a daily basis, he is a management development consultant in the UK and is involved in the development of digital solutions.

Vineta comes from Vidzeme, from Aizkraukle. You work for a company that processes bank checks. He currently works in a company dedicated to improving human well-being. It turns out that it is not that common for people in Britain to leave home or go somewhere on weekends, which is very popular in Latvia. It is this aspect of VIneta’s offer, an invitation to leave home, that has also interested the local BBC radio station.

Currently, the three daughters of the Līkumu family also study remotely. Vineta reveals that it was more difficult during the first session at home, the teachers weren’t ready for distance education either, the younger daughters had a lot of tasks that the parents definitely had to get involved in. Schools have now improved the quality of teaching.

“Now I have nothing to object to children learning from home,” says Vineta.

Due to home and distance education in the UK, students in grades 9 and 12 will not have centralized exams, but each school will design its own exams. Parents say their daughter is not satisfied with it and would like to take the centralized exams, which she has been preparing for all the time. Zigurd reveals the cost of studying in England, and this is the next issue that concerns me, because distance education is not the same as studying in person, so the question arises of what to pay.

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