A flu pandemic is continuing; this season the disease has spoiled the lives of 66 people

Influenza has claimed 66 lives from the start of the season, according to the Center for Prevention and Control of Disease.

From the start of the season, 66 cases were reported with fatal results in patients suffering from flu, out of which 64 patients were suffering from influenza A and 2 flu patients.

Dead patients had one or more sore illnesses, as well as some.

None of the registered deaths recorded for vaccinated patients were immunized against this season.

There is still a huge flu outbreak in Latvia. Influenza clinical cases were recorded in six administrative areas and three of the cases had the highest than 100% of the population.

Most flu and creels were registered in children aged 5-14 years.

This year, at 11 weeks, hospital patients suffering from influenza were down by 15%, and the number of hospital casualties increased t with a heavy pose of 23%.

As reported, on 15 January, a pandemic was spread in Latvia.

The annual vaccine is the best protection against flu and problems associated with influenza, specialists. Taking into account that the protection comes in within 14 days of immunization and influenza usually lasts for several months – until the end of May, not enough flu. a vaccine against flu is not long before the end of the disease, stressing health workers that health vaccine is recommended. protecting their own patients and themselves. t

SPCC epidemiologists will remember – that if viruses are not spread, if someone has an influenza or illness similar to an influenza flu, sheds or coughs should be used and then washed. Epidemiologists invites you to stay at home and speak to your GP if you have an illness.

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