Latest on COVID-19 opt-out status

There is some clarity on the NFLPA’s goals in negotiating opt-out provisions for its employees.

The Union is seeking an arrangement similar to Major League Baseball, NFLPA reporting with’s Jeremy Fowler for players deemed at greater risk of developing complications from COVID-19 if they choose Out (twitter link)

Additionally, the NFLPA is requesting that players with at-risk family members receive an accrued season toward free agency if they opt to exclude the season, Fowler notes. Players who like to play demand a $ 250 stipend if they show up in training camp and the NFL is forced to stop the season. It falls in at least half of the league.

Major League Baseball has deemed COVID-19 complications (or those living with family members who fall into that category) to be at high risk for paying and choosing service time if they decide to opt out Huh. Baseball players are not at increased risk of being selected, nor are they paid their prior salaries nor one year of service. It is unclear whether the NFL is ready to agree to adopt a similar policy, but given the increased exposure to the game and the size of the roster, players will be at greater risk of contracting coronaviruses. It is not yet certain when the deadline will end for NFLers.

The NFL will require a solid policy when reporting players for camp. Negotiations between the league and the union continue, but many issues remain unresolved. Chiefs and Texas miscreants are reported to be camping in less than a week.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Image.