Latest on COVID-19 in MN: Virus crashes wedding, social events

State public health officials have warned for the week that the latest COVID-19 cases matter for backyard parties, informal rendezvous and social work to start the school year. Those concerns are coming to reality.

Authorities have prolonged the transition between college towns and the Minsnotons, who went to a huge motorcycle rally in Sturgis, S.D., on Thursday, calling the late August wedding in southwestern Minnesota the state’s biggest social spreader event Declared as.

On Thursday, some of the 275 people attended the wedding and reception in Ghent, in Lyon County. There are 22 COOID-19 cases, which are directly related to more than 14 counties, the state’s infectious diseases director, Krrish Ehrsman, said Thursday.

One person has been admitted to the hospital. The average age of people infected by marriage is 25; The age range runs from 10 to 84 years of age.

“This is the largest incident we’ve seen relating disease transmission to a social phenomenon,” Ehresmann said.

Many people worked in health care and education at the wedding, but the department has not yet identified any cases of secondary dissemination, he said.

Here is the current of minnesota COVID-19 stats:

  • 1,884 deaths.

  • 82,249 positive cases, 75,425 segregation

  • 257 still hospitalized, 138 in ICU

  • 1,646,961 tests, 1,205,501 people tested

College campus concern increased

State health authorities are particularly concerned about the spread of the virus among young adults.

People in their 20s set the age limit with confirmation of the state’s largest number of cases – more than 11,000 of those aged 20–24 are involved, after more than 19,000 epidemics began.

They have been driving recent outbreaks, although the disease has been confirmed for children of high school age, topping 7,500 total cases for children aged 15 to 19, since the epidemic began.

The reality of those concerns came to mind on Tuesday as Winona State University announced an immediate 14-day campus quarantine, which would limit all unprofessional activities on campus to slow the spread of COVID-19 for the next two weeks .

While it is less likely to feel the worst effects of the disease, experts are concerned about youth and young adults spreading it to grandparents and other vulnerable populations and hindering efforts to reopen the campus entirely in person-teaching. Can be put

Winona State has 236 cases tied to it.

COVID-19 counts MN with fastest per capita growth

Authorities are concerned about cases around Minnesota State University Moorhead and Concordia College in Moorhead.

The state is now working with colleges on strategies. However, a natural response may be to close campuses and send students home, which are also widely spread risks of infection, Ehrsman told reporters on Wednesday.

About a third of the new cases in Minnesota are now coming from a community spread of unknown origin – more than before the Fourth of July, the last major holiday that brought the Minsoton together.

Regularly, the Twin Cities and the suburbs are counting newly reported cases. Recent figures, however, show cases are climbing in northern and central Minnesota.

New COVID-19 Cases by Minnesota Region

Minnesota’s seven-day trend still shows about 6,000 active, confirmed cases, although the number was more likely to be confirmed and unconfirmed when the number of trials in May was low.

COVID-19 cases confirmed in active, Minnesota

New case growth this week has been relatively moderate. However, it is unclear whether this is an encouraging trend or product delays of Labor Day weekend reporting or some other data problem.

More recent trial numbers have remained low, possibly explaining the development of the middle case. “We are still likely to see depressed numbers on weekday weekends,” Ehresmann told reporters.

Current COVID-19 Hospital in Minnesota

‘Bad artist’

State inspectors recently operated bars and restaurants in southern Minnesota and found dozens of establishments not to comply with state orders to prevent the spread of the disease.

Investigators fell into bars and eateries in Mancato, St. Peter’s, Waseca, Faribault and New Ulm, as well as in the Carver and Scott counties. Of the 167 sites visited, 79 were somehow out of compliance; 31 were referred for follow-up inspection.

New COVID-19 cases per day in Minnesota

A Minnesota health commissioner, Dan Huff, told reporters Wednesday, “We know that most establishments are taking security measures seriously. We also know that a handful of bad actors can create a ripple and the entire industry. Can affect. ”

Compliance, not punishment, remains the goal as the state works to prevent the spread of recent outbreaks, Huff and other officials said. But he made it clear that institutions that flout the rules are opening up their communities to problems.

Officials said since mid-July – when the statewide facade order was unveiled – they have identified 68 groups of COVID-19 cases in 66 bars and restaurants tied to more than 1,200 infections.

Statewide development

Walz called a special session on Friday; Plans to expand powers

Gov. Tim Timmz has called lawmakers back to the Capitol for a special session on Friday, citing the need to preserve the emergency powers he is using to manage the coronovirus epidemic.

The Democratic governor said in his announcement on Wednesday that he intended to extend the state’s COVID-19 state of emergency by 30 more days to ensure that the state could respond quickly and effectively.

An agenda for the special session was not immediately announced. The governor had in recent weeks raised the possibility that he would not need to call a special session every time to expand his emergency powers. But in his announcement Wednesday, he reaffirmed his earlier view that state law required it to do so.

The Republican-controlled Senate has called for votes to end the peacetime emergency using previous special sessions, while the epidemic continues, the immediate emergency is over and it is time for lawmakers to respond to the lawmakers It is time to work more closely together. The Democratic-controlled House has blocked those efforts.

Senate Republicans also used last month’s special session to exclude the Governor and Commissioner for Labor. And he has indicated that the job of other cabinet members may be in jeopardy as disputes over emergency powers continue.

– The Associated Press

MN House Committee COVID-19 Focuses on Racial Inequalities

Minnesota law’s top jurists are looking at COVID-19’s impact on communities of color.

Members of the House Select Committee on Minnesota’s epidemic response and reconstruction discussed the issue on Wednesday. Committee Chairman DFL House President Melissa Hortmann said the state has significant racial health disparities.

“I think our policy work will remain heavily COVID-focused. And whether it exists with a virus or is building back in a better way, we need to learn as much as we can about what is happening in the future.

The Select Committee began its work in May and held monthly meetings. Previous meetings have focused on the impact of the epidemic on health care workers and the economy.

– Tim Pagmere | MPR News

MN Education Commissioner: Keep Sick Children at Home

With the school year beginning Tuesday for many students, state K-12 education officials also pushed families and teachers to stay home when they are ill.

Many students return to the classroom while others receive distance education at home.

Education Commissioner Mary Kathryn Riker said on Tuesday, “I am trying to ask that parent if my child is too ill to go to school so that I can get to work.” To help limit COVID-19 in schools.

“I am worried about the burden on my colleagues that there is no alternative,” he said. “I am urging you to please stay home when you are sick, keep your child at home when you are sick this year.”

Officials say that of the districts and charter schools that have reported their learning models, about two-thirds are opening school years with a hybrid approach, and a quarter working full-time in person. The rest are starting with distance education.

– MPR News Staff

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COVID-19 in Minnesota

The data in these graphs are based on the cumulative totals of the Minnesota Department of Health released daily at 11 am. You can find more detailed statistics on COVID-19 Health Department Website.

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