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The Buccaneers’ free agent group may be the highest-profile group in a single team since full-blown free agency began in 1993. Chris godwin sits at or near the top of this list and joins Shaquil barrett Y Lavonte David in a contingent that also includes Rob gronkowski, Leonard Fournette, Ndamukong suh Y Antonio Brown.

While the Bucs are hopeful that they can retain all of these players, that could be unrealistic, especially if most or all of them choose to maximize their value coming from the team’s victory in Super Bowl LV. Godwin has made the least amount of money among this group, having been a third-round pick on a rookie contract for the past four years.

The Pro Bowl wide receiver wants a high-level contract, but seems willing to listen to the Bucs at a small discount in his hometown, in case his other top-tier offers come from teams with much worse situations. It’s understandable that Tampa Bay is prioritizing Godwin, who may be the top franchise tag candidate from this decorated contingent.

The goal, obviously, is to get paid, right? But at the same time I’m not a fool“Godwin said during an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show (via “I’m not going to put myself in a situation where I’m going to be miserable for a few years just for a couple of extra bucks. I think my happiness is paramount in all this and part of that happiness is winning.

Having a bunch of different guys on the offensive side that can make your job a little easier but also give you the best chance of winning is something I’m seriously considering.. “

Mike evans Y Scotty miller they will surely return to Tampa Bay, but it is not yet known if this collection of skill positions talents will return for Tom brady44 year season. Gronkowski may have a Bucs or retirement stance, and Brown wants to come back, too. Fournette may not have such a clear path back to South Florida.

If Godwin is tagged, Barrett should be extended by March 15 for the Bucs to prevent their best pass rider from trading with other teams. With Barrett looking for a monster payday, the Bucs will have to make a decision with their sought-after 20-something free agents. The Super Bowl champions have until March 9 to determine which player they will tag.

A broad franchise tag is expected to hit around $ 16MM. With Allen robinson Y Kenny golladay Also as a tag candidate, Godwin hitting free agency would push his price north of this point.

I think an extension would be ideal, but at the end of the day, if franchise (tag) is what happens, that’s what I have to do and then we will visit again”Godwin said. “I want to be in Tampa, but at the end of the day, I want to get paid too. “

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