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Los Angeles County on Friday set the record for the most new coronovirus cases and hospitalizations for the third time in a single week.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said Friday’s numbers would have been unimaginable just a few weeks earlier, and called the increase “the greatest threat to life”.

“We are with the number of 10,000 cases per week that we are looking at this week,” said Garcetti. “Bringing the virus under control is important for Los Angeles.”

On Friday, the county reported 8,860 new cases and 2,668 hospitalizations, according to a local health department press release.

According to Garcetti, Los Angeles is projected to reach half a million coronovirus cases by the end of this year.

Public health officials are urging residents not to travel this holiday season, and stay home if possible.

Director of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Drs. Barbara Ferrer said in a statement, “Los Angeles County is experiencing an epidemic that is moving in one direction, which will cause significantly more grief and deaths.” Rapid growth will also increase the number of individuals experiencing severe health consequences. “

Once 85% of the ICU beds are filled in the Southern California region, Los Angeles County will impose additional restrictions for some businesses, including personal care services such as nail and hair salons and family entertainment centers such as zoos and museums.

Garcetti said he expected the area to exceed the 85% ICU bed capacity limit in the next few days.

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