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Kim Jong Un attends a meeting of the ruling Workers Party Politburo in Pyongyang, North Korea. Korea News Service via AP on 15 November.

North Korea is “increasing the number of its outposts” and “building a strong wall of defense on its borders” to prevent the Korean virus from entering the country.

The report states that the public has been instructed to take immediate action for any minor abnormalities and to remove garbage from the sea in an effort to stop the virus.

In addition, the report states that the nation is “taking drastic steps to root out any untoward or inappropriate circumstances that may allow any room for the transmission of the virus.”

South Korea’s spy agency told the Parliamentary Intelligence Committee on Friday that North Korea’s leader Kim Jong is making “inappropriate responses to Kovid-19 containment measures”, committee member Ha Tae-king briefed by the agency he said.

North Korea’s borders have been closed since January following reports of the emergence of Kovid-19 in China. The regime claims that there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus, but many experts are skeptical.

According to the latest status report released by the World Health Organization in early November, North Korea tested more than 12,000 samples for coronavirus and found no positive results.


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