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On September 12, 2020, police detained a protestor during an anti-lockdown rally in Melbourne. Photo: William Image / AFP via Getty Image

At least 14 people were arrested in Melbourne on Saturday after nearly 100 people took to the streets to protest against the city’s lockdown policies.

Victoria Police said in a statement to CNN, “Despite all the warnings, it was disappointing to see people watching the protests in the city today. The people of Victoria put their lives at risk.”

In addition to the 14 arrests, the police issued at least 51 violation notices for violations of health regulations.

Melbourne has been subject to severe restrictions with place-to-place curfews. The government announced that it would be easy to introduce these “Phase 4” restrictions starting on 13 September, with the curfew time relaxed and allowing two people to gather.

A Facebook event “Melbourne Freedom Walk” was posted by the “Melbourne Freedom Group” to demonstrate against the Kovid-19 locking measures. “A legal walk allows citizens to come together, get healthy and talk about regaining our freedom,” the event description read.

According to Victoria’s Department of Health and Department of Human Services, as of Saturday, there are 19,800 cases of Kovid-19 reported in the state of Victoria, Australia, of which 886 people in Melbourne have accounts. The death toll in the state is 716.