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Coordinator of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, Drs. Deborah Birks on Tuesday issued some stern warnings for states that are in the task force-defined “Yellow Zone” for cases and test positivity, which they said are different from outbreaks nationwide earlier this year .

On a call Tuesday with Vice President Mike Pence and several governors, he said there had been a “significant improvement” in the “red zone”, with orders to close bars in Florida, California, Texas and Arizona, decreasing indoor food , And requires the use of masks. The task force has defined its “red zone” as more than 100 cases per 100,000 people and more than 10% test positivity.

But she said that there are still growing cases and trial positivity in other “red zone” states: Mississippi, Indiana, Tennessee, Virginia, Oklahoma, Georgia, Idaho and Arkansas.

Birx said the “Yellow Zone”, which defines 10 and 100 cases between 100,000 and 5-10% test positivity per task force, has a similar profile for the “Red Zone” states: “20 to 30 Render as first layer starting with year

“Remember, most of them are asymptomatic. So if you expect to be hospitalized, by the time you are hospitalized, your community spread is so wide that you can get in a red state incredibly quickly. Flip over, ”said Birks.

He said the task force is working with governors and mayors in the following locations: Colorado, District of Columbia, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Minneapolis, Missouri, North Carolina, Nebraska, Ohio, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin.

Birks said that the task force has spoken with these places “now about increasing mitigation efforts because it is really too late if we wait until the increased hospitalization. Because now what we What it is experiencing is actually different than in March and April, it is very different from the May outbreaks that were commonly implied. This wider community spreads to both rural and urban and urban areas in the lower age groups, So by the time you see this, 80–90% of your counties are already over 10%. ”

The Birks expressed concern for major metros such as Chicago and Philadelphia, as well as California’s Central Valley, and lauded Cava Ivey’s masked mandate of the Alabama government, which he said “has a significant impact.”

Pence reiterated that the administration does not want another shutdown – some, he said, “we never want to see again,” but the study reported that the use of masks, bar closures, limiting outside food, And limiting earlier this year is having the same effect on social functions as shelter. He recommended governors in the “Yellow Zone” states “keep a hard eye” on those four measures “whether on a county-by-county basis or on a statewide basis.”

“We will support your decision, but I think the big message that can emerge for these states is not waiting,” Pence said.


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