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Latest: Johnny Hallyday & # 39; godmother & # 39; reacts to his death

PARIS – The latest death of rock icon Johnny Hallyday (all locals):

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The woman who is credited with launching the career of Johnny Hallyday, the rock star French who died, says he knew he was special but never thought he would become a national icon.

Line Renaud, singer and national figure in his own right, said after the announcement of his death early Tuesday that "with Johnny, it was a revolution."

He told CNews on the telephone that "I never realized the immensity of his career because this kind of career did not exist here."

Renaud, known as Johnny's "godmother", said she saw him for the last time at a dinner he offered with guests that included the Macrons, but did not specify if Emmanuel Macron was already president. The photos on Twitter show Macron and his wife Brigitte with the two, dated last year, before their election.


9:10 am

Police have set up barricades outside the home of French rock icon Johnny Hallyday as fans gathered to mourn his death.

The vans arrived before dawn on Wednesday at the house in the Parisian suburb of Marnes-la-Coquette, near Versailles.

The fans arrived shortly after, wrapped up against the December cold to pay tribute and share memories of the biggest rock star in France.

Tributes from the office of the French president to North America after the news of the night of his death. Hallyday, often nicknamed the French Elvis, died after fighting against lung cancer.


4:15 a.m.

Johnny Hallyday, France's biggest rock star for more than half a century and an icon that filled sports stadiums and all but lit up the Eiffel Tower with his pelvis and pumping High voltage melodies, he's dead. He was 74 years old.

President Emmanuel Macron announced his death in a statement early Wednesday, saying he "brought a part of the United States to our national pantheon." Macron's office said the president spoke with Hallyday's family but did not provide details about Rocker's death or circumstances.

Hallyday had had lung cancer and repeated health scares in recent years that dominated national news, however, he continued to act as recently as this summer.

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