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Countries in the US have been informed of their first Kovid-19 vaccine allocation via COVAX, a coalition led by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Gavi to ensure equal access to the Vaccine Alliance, a Sunday from Pan According to the release to. American Health Organization (PAHO).

Some 36 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean have been told through letters sent to their health officials of their estimated dose allocation for the first phase of vaccine delivery, PAHO said.

The AstraZeneca vaccine will be supplied first, although it is still under review for emergency approval by the WHO. According to PAHO, this approval is expected within days.

PAHO director Carissa F. Etienne said, “More than 45 million confirmed cases and more than one million deaths across America, particularly in the countries and regions, the poorest of them, facing an unprecedented health, economic and social crisis Are. “
“The introduction of vaccine delivery through the COVAX mechanism is an expected step in the fight against this virus and PAHO is proud to facilitate immediate efforts for our region.”

Delivery Timeline: It is estimated that approximately 35.3 million doses will arrive in the US in this first phase, and should reach their destination from the second half of February through the second quarter of 2021. Vaccine dosage figures are subject to production capacity and supply agreements, in addition to emergency use approvals, the PAHO release said.

Beyond vaccine delivery, countries that are participating in COVAX are now starting preparations to receive and deploy vaccines, according to PAHO.

Additional dose: Additionally, the four Latin American countries participating in COVAX were selected by an independent committee based on pandemic risk, impact, and mortality criteria to receive a limited number of Pfizer / BioNTech vaccines from their allocated quota in recent weeks had gone.

Bolivia, Colombia, El Salvador, and Peru will receive a total of 377,910 doses of the Pfizer vaccine coming from mid-February, subject to supply agreements.


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