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Last week tonight: John Oliver opens Crisis Pregnancy Center

John Oliver tackled a controversial issue in the Sunday night episode of Last Week Tonight . "The main story tonight has to do with pornography," he said. "Oh, wait, do not say pornography on television, I'm sorry, I mean, abortion, our main story is about abortion."

Oliver was not addressing abortion clinics, but "exactly the opposite" the so-called centers of abortion. Pregnancy Crisis (CPC), which are passed off as abortion clinics but try to convince women not to have an abortion According to Oliver, CPCs actively try to confuse women about what types of medical options they will have. A CPC staff member said that "the best client you will receive is one who thinks they are entering an abortion clinic." To which Oliver replied: "Maybe Radio Shack should have thought about the strategy of trying to offer abortions!" After all, it seems to work as a business strategy. According to Oliver, there are 2,700 CPCs against 1,700 abortion clinics in the country.

CPCs attract women with misleading information through phone calls and Google searches, and build offices next to clinics and park mobile CPCs in front of clinics. Oliver says that CPCs also lie to women about abortions that cause an increased risk of breast cancer and suicidal thoughts.

For all they do to prevent women from ending their pregnancy, CPCs also advise against pregnancy, says Oliver, citing "Condoms are ineffective in preventing pregnancy." Oliver points out that CPCs should love birth control and should be "filling Pez dispensers with contraceptive pills, giving condoms to cheat or treated, and IUD earrings as hostess gifts."

Since CPC are not medical institutions, they do not have to be regulated and some state governments even fund them. Oliver also points out that it is incredibly easy for religious groups to establish CPCs. To prove his point, he registered his own CPC in New York. He named his mobile pregnancy crisis unit "Vanned Parenthood" and organized it into a real van driven by "Wanda Jo Oliver" played by Rachael Dratch, complete with her own set of "alternative facts" about abortion.


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