Last: Mayor of San Diego sees lessons from an outbreak of hepatitis

SAN DIEGO – The latest in a report about the management of an outbreak of Hepatitis A in San Diego County (all times):

4:35 pm

The mayor of San Diego says he agrees with a report from the county grand jury that He found lack of communication between authorities during a recent Hepatitis A Mayor Kevin Faulconer said Thursday that the outbreak was an "unprecedented health crisis" and city and county officials should improve coordination before the next emergency.

The grand jury said that poor communication delayed the sanitation procedures that could have slowed the spread of Hepatitis A, especially among the homeless population.

The outbreak killed 20 people and made more than 575 ill between November 2016 and last fall.

Faulconer said the crisis underscored the need to address the problem home of the child. He said the city is implementing the largest expansion of services for homeless people in the city's history.

1:30 pm

A San Diego County grand jury fails the local response to a recent Hepatitis A epidemic and recommends improving lines of communication to prepare for future health emergencies.

The San Diego-based Union-Tribune newspaper says the 20-page report released on Thursday commends officials for effectively contacting residents at risk and getting vaccinated.

But the grand jury criticizes the county and city for inadequate coordination that delayed sanitation procedures that could have delayed the spread of Hepatitis A.

The report recommends updating the county's emergency operations plan and appoint a medical professional to report directly to the mayor of San Diego.

The outbreak killed 20 people and sickened 577 between November 2016 and October 2017.

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