Las Vegas Raiders put Kansas City Chiefs Andy Reid on ‘victory lap’ at Arrowhead

Following John Gruden’s return as coach in 2018, the Las Vegas Raiders prevailed around Arrowhead Stadium after their first win in the rivalry, defeating the Kansas City Chiefs 40-32 in October. Kansas City International Airport for the trip home.

Andy Reid was irritated about the lap of victory as the 8-1 Chiefs began preparing for Sunday night’s rematch against the 6-3 Raiders in Las Vegas.

On Monday, the Chief Coach said, “They won the game, so they can do anything they want to do.”

Later, Reid was asked if it was more difficult for a team to play for an opponent for a second time than when it won the first game between the teams. Reid said no, then said, “I think they [do] Or they may not have driven the bus around the stadium. ‘

The majors can go a long way towards winning the fifth straight AFC West Championship by defeating the Raiders on Sunday. The Las Vegas victory could signal a tight race to the end.

The game is the first since 2016 – when they tied for the division title at 12–4 – that teams have played too many bets for both sides. In recent seasons the chiefs have once dominated a bitter rivalry.

Kansas City is 12-3 against the Raiders since Reid came on as head coach in 2013 and won by five straight, four-point double margins before a Las Vegas victory in October.

“It’s two good football teams playing each other, ‘” Reid said. ” I don’t think either team likes the other as much as they have said before. ‘


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